Staggs Grocery cooks best burger in town

Staggs Grocery’s “delicious” burger. Students voted for it as their favorite burger in Florence.

Life Editor Melissa Parker [email protected]

Anyone looking for a satisfying homemade burger need look no further than Staggs Grocery.

The almost five-star rating on Facebook and the number of automobiles lining the street each morning and afternoon are sure signs you are in for a wonderful treat.

UNA students voted Staggs’ hamburger the best above both City Hardware and Legend’s Steakhouse burgers.

This was not the first honor for the flat top griddle-fried treat. Voters selected it fourth in an North Alabama Top Cheeseburgers poll in 2014.

I decided to give this award-winning burger a try. I entered the business around lunchtime on a recent Tuesday. People crowded the establishment, filling every seat and standing around waiting on takeout orders.

Since I had never been there before, I took a long look at the menu.

I ordered a small cheeseburger for $3.99. That seemed like a lot for a cheeseburger, but my hopes were high it would not disappoint me.  I also ordered a side of fries for an additional $2.19.

Rather than eat there, I brought my lunch back to the Student Publications  building to enjoy. When I walked through the door, my coworkers immediately asked what I had that smelled so good. When I told them it was a burger from Staggs, they were all jealous.

I sat down at my desk, gathered my napkins and beverage and opened the styrofoam container releasing the smell of freshly grilled ground beef into the air.

The first bite of the burger was messy and dripping with grease. It was delicious. The person in charge of preparing my burger did not slack on the toppings. The tomato and lettuce were fresh, and the bun had just the right amount of condiments slathered across it.

Each bite was messier, and even more wonderful, than the previous.

I shared fries with my coworkers, but the burger was all mine.  I devoured it quickly, but realized near the end of the carnage that the bun was getting too messy and difficult to handle. I removed the bun and toppings and ate the meat. This burger, even on its own, was well-seasoned and fried to perfection.

I would put Staggs at the top of the list next time you are craving the taste of a home-cooked burger. While it may not be as cheap as fast food, the service is quick, and the portions are filling. Its location on Huntsville Road, just a short drive from campus, makes it a good choice for a quick lunch.

To see the rest of the results for the Students’ Choice section, check out the April 14 issue of The Flor-Ala.