Vice president-elect shares passions and campus parking secrets

The Student Government Association’s new Vice President of Senate Tyler Delano might have the secret to parking on campus.

“(The secret) is get here really, really early,” Delano said.

SGA President-elect Sarah Green said she thinks Delano must camp out to get the best spot every day.

“I always get so mad at him because he always gets the best parking spot in the (Guillot University Center), and I always ask him if I can get that spot,” Green said. “He never gives it to me.”

But Delano has a reason for his luck.

“I live 30 minutes off campus so I get up every morning at 6 o’clock, get ready and get here at 7:30,” Delano said.

Although Delano has a busy schedule, he still makes time for listening to music. When asked about Panic! at the Disco, his inner fan slipped out.

“I absolutely love (Panic! at the Disco),” Delano said. “I’ve seen them two or three times and also Fall Out Boy four times. I saw them once together in Memphis, and it was 2013 at the Mud Island Amphitheater. It was the best concert ever.”

While Panic! At The Disco has not signed their contract yet, Delano said he would be excited to see them perform at UNA.

Pop punk bands are not the only thing that gets Delano jazzed. He also has a love of cooking.

“He will frequently cook for fellow SGA members,” said SGA President Nick Lang in an email.

Delano said he and fellow SGA members will cook at each other’s apartments or houses sometimes.

“I like being adventurous and cooking different things,” Delano said. “The last thing I cooked was Coq au Vin Blanc, which is a French white wine chicken.”

Lang said Delano is easy to be around and is a great friend.

“Tyler Delano is a pretty laid back guy,” Lang said. “He is a very bright guy who also knows how to hold a good conversation with people. I don’t think you could find a more caring guy than Tyler. He is a selfless guy who truly cares about his friends.”

Green also complimented Delano on his personality.

“He’s just a really well-rounded guy, (and he is) fun to be around,” she said. “He’s a guy you want to hang out with, and he’s hard working.”

Delano and Green were not always friendly, both said.

“This is a little story about me and Tyler, we were on the same committee in Freshman Forum and we did not like each other at all,” Green said. “We were polar opposites, and then sophomore year we started getting better. This year we are best friends.”

Green said now, the two joke about their unfriendly past.

“Looking back now, it was great to have someone there like that, that had that other perspective,” Delano said. “I don’t know why we really didn’t get along, now we’re like best friends.”

Both said they think they make a great team.

“I think we complement each other because we think differently, and we aren’t afraid to challenge each other,” Green said.

Delano’s interests extend outside of SGA and include playing the saxophone, he said.

“I’ve been craving to go hiking or kayaking here lately with the weather like it is,” Delano said. “I also like coding, writing computer programs, so kind of a mixture of everything.”

Delano plans to graduate next spring with a degree in computer science and a minor in mathematics, he said.

“Hopefully whenever I graduate I can go on work with missile defense in Huntsville,” he said.