SGA hosts event for spring break safety

The Student Government Association made student safety over spring break a priority with the “It’s On Us: Spring Break Edition” event.

Students filled the benches in front of the Memorial Amphitheater March 23 at 1 p.m.

SGA launched the nationwide “It’s On Us “ campaign on UNA’s campus in November 2015 to help make college students aware of sexual assault. Students took the pledge against sexual assault by signing a banner, which SGA hung for everyone to see.

SGA President Nick Lang introduced Title IX Coordinator Tammy Jacques, who gave students safety tips for spring break.

Students should take care of themselves and their friends, Jacques said. She also encouraged students to be cautious when drinking and engaging in sexual activity and to use the “buddy system.”

“If you come with your friends, leave with your friends,” Jacques said.

The event provided important knowledge, said sophomore Frankie Miller.

“I learned (the university) cares about the safety of the students,” Miller said.

Freshman Hunter Cummings learned from the event.

“It was very informing on how to be safe on spring break,” he said.

Lang encouraged students to stay and enjoy the cupcakes and pizza SGA provided. Lang said he enjoyed seeing students support the initiative at this busy time in the semester.

“The big thing is, I want to thank everyone for coming out,” Lang said.