Green named 2016-17 SGA president

SGA President-elect Sarah Green pins a button on Rachel Hutto’s backpack as Morgan Smith looks on Feb. 23. Green beat opponent Jose Figueroa-Cifuentes 799-290.

Campus has officially gone green as students elected Sarah Green Student Government Association president for the 2016-17 school year.

Green received 799 votes to Jose Figueroa-Cifuentes’ 290 votes.

“I’m looking forward to continuing to build relationships with students on campus and represent students to the best of my ability next year,” Green said. “It’s going to be such a fun year, and I’m so excited to see the growth.”

Students also elected Tyler Delano for vice president of Senate with 607 votes to Hugo Dante’s 482 votes.

“I’m looking forward to representing students and student opinion next year,” Delano said. “I’m very excited for this opportunity. Thank you so much for the votes, and I appreciate your support.”

Vice president of the University Program Council is Nick Smith with 675 votes to Austin Bullock’s 413.

“My stomach was upside down when I found out I won,” Smith said. “I’m glad I get to serve the students and bring the power back to UPC.”

The 2016-17 secretary is Jessica McAlister with 611 votes to Dayton Tenney’s 297 and Whitney Pacil’s 181.

Treasurer Nikki Mathews received her title because she ran unopposed.

SGA beat last year’s record of 933 votes with this year’s count totaling 1,089.

“I’m really proud of how hard everyone campaigned this year, and I know that if the winners work as hard in office as they have campaigning, they’re going to do a great job,” said Director of Student Engagement Tyler Thompson.

Thompson said students who ran for office and did not win should not be discouraged.

“No one has lost as many elections than I have,” he said. “You have to run because the more people involved in the process, the more people are engaged and are going to participate in what’s going on in the future.”

Check the March 3 issue of The Flor-Ala for a full story on the new elects.