National Rifle Association coming to UNA

by News Editor Anna Beahm

College Republicans plan to tackle a national concern next week: Gun rights.

The National Rifle Association will be on campus Feb. 2 at 3 p.m. in the Guillot University Center banquet halls. The event is free and open to both students and the public, said President of College Republicans Nathaniel White.

“We’ll go over the Second Amendment and what that means to the individual and in different aspects,” White said. “We’ll be going over local and state laws. It’s going to be a very informative event.”

Senior William Wade said he thinks people need to know more about guns and gun control laws because a gun holds the power to determine someone’s life.

White said there will be free food and refreshments available to anyone attending. Students can also register to become a member of the NRA free of charge.

NRA Grassroots Coordinator Natasha Montague will speak at the event. Montague frequently travels to colleges across the country doing presentations similar to this one.

“It should be a good time whether you like guns or not,” White said. “Of course, there won’t be guns at this event, but it’s always good to be informed.”

Wade said he thinks the gun control and gun rights issues are much deeper than they seem on the surface.

“I’m on both sides (of the gun rights issue) because there’s some people that aren’t mentally stable for them; and sometimes for those mentally unstable people we need them,” Wade said. “So, it’s kind of like a double-edged sword.”

Freshman Kasey Biggs said she thinks it is important for college students to know and understand gun laws and rights.

Alabama state law allows each college to decide whether or not students can carry weapons on campus. UNA does not allow students to carry any firearms on campus, according to the UNA weapons policy.

“A gun permit does not authorize a staff member, faculty member, student or visitor to bring firearms into UNA buildings or into other UNA facilities under any circumstances,” according to the policy.

The policy states that any student, faculty or staff member caught with a firearm must leave campus.

“I think people should have the right to carry guns on them but I think it should at least be visible to other people,” said freshman Sergio Granados.

While White said he thinks the NRA represents the right of Americans to own a gun, he said he thinks they represent more than just that.

“They represent a protective lobbying group of the Second Amendment,” he said. “The Second Amendment is the first line of defense against anyone who’s trying to destroy the United States. It’s important to many people to be able to protect themselves and have self-defense.”

White also said he thinks the Second Amendment represents the right to hunt.

While College Republicans planned the event, White said the focus of the event is education, not partisanship.

White said he thinks it is important for students to understand local and national laws in order to be effective voting members of the society and to better understand their rights as Americans.

He said College Republicans is planning other events on public policy and state and local laws.

“I think they’re good (gun rights) as long as people don’t abuse the privilege,” said Kasey Biggs.

She said she thinks it is important for students