SGA resolution opposes proposed parking ticket rate increase

by News Editor Anna Brown

The proposed parking ticket cost increase ruffled more than a few feathers on campus.

In response, the Student Government Association wrote a resolution stating the Senate and student body do not support the proposed parking ticket rate increases.

The resolution comes to the floor in today’s Senate meeting in GUC 200 at 3:30 p.m.

“In this resolution, the author of it has stated that the Senate, along with the student body, does not support the policy changes without alternatives to it,” said Vice President of Senate Nicole Gallups. “When I say alternatives, I mean there should be more parking on campus before these prices ever go up.”

The author of the resolution cannot be revealed because the resolution was not complete at the time of interview.

Gallups said she thinks these increases are significant and the student body cannot ignore them.

“The reason people are violating the different parking things is because there’s not a better place to park,” she said. “I’ve heard of students literally parking on the sidewalk.”

Because SGA represents the students, Gallups said she, along with the Senate, wants students to attend today’s meeting to give their feedback on the proposed changes.

“How are we supposed to pass legislation if we don’t have the voice of who we’re passing it for? In my opinion, it seems wrong to pass a resolution or any legislation if there is not student feedback because it’s for the students,” Gallups said. “We are not just doing this for ourselves.”

Chief of Police Kevin Gillilan said the reason the police proposed this increase in ticket cost is because students constantly violate the parking policies.

“The current fines are not a strong enough deterrent to keep people following the policies,” Gillilan said in a previous article. “We’re trying to understand why people are violating the policy. People say, ‘well, it’s only $20.’”

Freshman Lauren Gasque said she is glad SGA is writing this resolution opposing the increase.

“I think raising the ticket prices is bull crap,” she said. “(Freshmen) do not have any parking on campus. Twenty dollars is more than enough.”

However, junior Jacob Carlisle said the ticket cost increase does not bother him.

“Students should just park where they’re supposed to,” he said. “Ride the buses. That’s why we have them.”

Gallups said this resolution being proposed is not a bill, but simply an official statement from the Senate declaring they do not want these parking ticket increases.

While there are currently no new parking solutions on campus, Gallups said she hopes future construction of the parking lot on Circular Road will alleviate some of the parking problems.

“From what I’ve heard, they said 250 to 500 new spots,” she said. “I think that’s a really good increase.”

There are currently 155 spaces in Lot O, the lot behind Flowers Hall on Circular Road, said Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs Clinton Carter in a previous story. After the lot is completed, there will be about 550 spaces in that lot.

Three Senate members sit on the parking committee, Gallups said. All three of those members are opposed to the parking rate increases.

Committee member Taylor Barton said she cannot comment on the proposal or the committee’s actions at this time because the resolution was not complete at the time of her interview.

Gallups said the Senate compared the proposed changes, current policy and policies of other universities in last week’s meeting.

She said she thinks the manner in which SGA presents the proposal will determine whether or not the university will consider it.

“I think if we present it in a well put together manner, it will come across not as hostile as some people might think it would come across,” she said.