New UNA allocations funding model helps lengthen fund availability

This year, UNA changed the way students request and receive money for allocations funding.

University officials said the changes made hope to make funds last longer and create more equal opportunities for Registered Student Organizations to receive funds.

One major change is that Registered Student Organizations may only make two allocations requests per week, said SGA Budget and Oversight Committee Chair Amber Love. The budget oversight committee will automatically delete any requests made after the first two allowed within a seven-day period.

“Many people like this because it has helped keep money available for, so far, the whole first allocations period, which opened Sept. 1,” Love said. “Last year, we had complaints about the money not lasting long enough, and this has helped make the money last a lot longer.”

Last year, students could place all requests at the beginning of the year.

Director of Student Engagement Tyler Thompson said he thinks only allowing RSOs to request money once a week has made the money last longer.

“There were honestly a couple of organizations last year that put everything in at the beginning and got a huge percentage of funds,” he said. “If RSOs can only do two per week, that should eliminate that problem. That way, a couple of organizations don’t come in swinging and sweep everything off the table.”

Student Engagement also added a new request period. Now, students can request allocations funding for events happening in September through December, January through May and June through September, Thompson said.

Only the RSOs recognized by the Office of Student Engagement and in good standing will be eligible for funding, Love said.

“This means that the RSO information is updated in UNA OrgSync and all members are listed on the roster,” Love said. “For an organization to maintain university recognition, the group must follow the criteria as outlined in the Student Handbook.”

The method of funding is still on a first-come-first-serve basis, Love said. The amount of funding a RSO can receive has not changed. RSOs are eligible for $4000 per event request and $1500 per travel request.

Love said including a copy of a flier in an event submission promoting the event helps RSOs advertise so all students can take advantage of the event.

“RSOs are responsible for promoting their own events,” she said. “However, to help, I’ve started some social media accounts this semester, @una_allocations on Twitter and Instagram and UNA SGA Student Allocations on Facebook. Students can follow or like these accounts to see fliers for events happening during the week,” Love said.

Students can request funding online at

“The online submission has been going on basically since student allocations from the Student Activity Fee started,” Love said. “It’s been online for at least seven years, approximately starting in year 2007.”

Sophomore Taylor Matthews said he likes having the submission forms available online because of his busy schedule.

“I think it’s a good thing because it’s easier to do, like to be able to do stuff online,” said sophomore Taylor Matthews. “Being a busy college student, you have so much going on.”

However, Sophomore Justin Blanchard said he doesn’t like having the request forms online.

“It’s difficult without the Internet,” said sophomore Justin Blanchard.