Flo-Town to College Town

Hey UNA! My name’s Adam McCollum and I’m currently the SGA Treasurer. We’ve had a great year in SGA so far and have a whole lot more planned for campus in the coming months. Looking back on this year, it’s been the most rewarding experience of my life. As promised, I was able to present a student focused budget that emphasized giving back to campus. From the Mane Idea promotion that rewards students for their ideas to the Campus Improvement line item that is about to be used for campus kiosks through the hard work of Senate, we have successfully put the money where the students are. I’ve also had the honor this year of leading fundraising for the SGA Endowed Scholarship and have brought in over $5,000 for it with another event on the way. However, one of my proudest moments this year was the Inaugural Homecoming Bonfire. Through the hard work of so many, we have established a tradition that will continue into the future. 

With all of that said, I’m now ready to take another step in serving campus. With your help, I intend to become the next Vice President of our University Programming Council.  I want to continue building from our success this year and take our programming to the next level! Having lived here all my life, the top complaint I’ve heard from students(other than parking) is that Florence is missing a college atmosphere. My vision for UPC is called, “Flo-Town to College Town,” and in it I lay out my plan for our campus and community. Check it out on Facebook! 
I’m proud of the work put into campus this past year, and I’m confident in the vision I have for this next year. Invest in me with your vote March 9-11th and I promise I will continue to invest in the students. I’ve proven it in the past. Now give me the chance to do it again.