Weekends in Florence

Jason Bates makes his rounds delivering mail to stores on Court Street. Many times our weekends, filled with fun, are spent forgetting the labor of others like Bates.

As a student, who lives on campus, there have been many weekends when I have tucked my laptop and myself into bed until the following Monday. This weekend did not begin any differently as I am now well into the eighth season of “Family Guy” on Netflix and scraping the bottom of the Nutella jar.

It is not until this past Saturday I got an idea. I would escape the four walls of my fortress and go on an adventure — sadly Ian McKellen did not knock on my door for me to come to this solution. I would embark on a journey to tour downtown Florence, since I myself have never really taken out the time to do so before.

So what exactly is there to do in downtown Florence for a college student? On a Saturday you can find most stores open and thriving, although they are more than likely closing earlier than others. There are several restaurants and I actually had my first experience at Legends, which was rather enjoyable. The laid-back vibe, superb meal, and congenial waiter all attributed to my enjoyment.

Thinking back, the majority of my trip involved me enjoying the town itself. The town of Florence is very amicable and quaint. The only reason I decided to attend UNA was because they offered my major, but after moving here I have come to understand it is not the only reason I have stayed. I do not know whether it is the community or just the atmosphere in general, but Florence feels a lot like home for me *cue Phillip Phillips.*