Special Circumstances

Sometimes you have those days where you just need somebody to talk to. It is displeasing when the only ones around are yourself and your apparently imaginary “friends.”

I have been through many things in my life that most people will never face in their own — and I hope they never have to.

Through many discussions, therapy sessions and a wealth of self-reflection, I have come to realize those situations are not who I am.

I wanted to exemplify this idea in a way that would question the “normal” and make people really think about the message.

I aim to raise questions about certain aspects of society today by sending a message of positivity, while also subtly telling a piece of my story, my recovery and of my present state — a message that urges one to “filter out the bad stuff.”

UNA students Sarah Schiavone and Jacob Dawson volunteered as models for this project, as well as other important individuals.

Thus far I have taken “Buying Love with Broken Hearts” of Sarah, which speaks of the effects of consumerism in society and how you cannot buy love. It also hints at the possible effects of a lack of any other form of affection.

“Pick Your Poison” of Jacob is about dealing with the woes of life — school, work, responsibilities and a social life. Everyone deals with it differently, and it does not always have to be substance abuse.

Not published here, “Road Rage” is about being on the road in a band or on a business trip and being gone more often than not, and the idea that you do not have to take that stress and baggage home with you.

Those situations and scenarios do not make you who you are; they do not mold your actions, your decisions, or your free will. It is okay to feel, but it is better to filter.