Domestic violence brings student support

Emory Brown Volunteer Writer [email protected]

When Mary Davis accidentally uploaded a violent video of her ex-boyfriend on Twitter, she had no clue what kind of responses it would evoke. In the posted video, Nick Ware, a former bartender at Wildwood Tavern in Florence, Ala., kicks down Davis’ door, curses at her, threatens to throw a pizza box in her face and forces her head into her bed. 

Since this video was released, Ware was fired from Wildwood Tavern and many men and women have supported Davis and helped her speak out about domestic violence.

On Jan. 24, Davis allegedly accidentally posted a video of Ware while trying to send it to one of her friends. After people started reaching out to Davis about the video and supporting her for speaking up, she decided to post other videos of him that she had archived in her camera roll. She tweeted a series of videos of Ware cursing at her, stomping on her DVDs and hitting her phone out of her hand, shouting “this is what you get.” 

A couple of days after Davis released these videos, Wildwood Tavern posted a picture of Ware on their social media, modeling the bar’s t-shirt. 

“They posted a picture of him on Wildwood’s Instagram and Facebook 

and people started commenting on it, asking if they were going to acknowledge his abusive behavior, but they kept deleting the comments,” Davis said. 

This post has since been deleted.

In response, Wildwood Tavern’s official Twitter posted on Jan. 28: “Hello Mary. Thank you for reaching out on this topic. In light of this information, this employee has been terminated from Wildwood Tavern.” 

Soon after, they posted again: “We mistakenly underestimated the severity of the first video when it surfaced. As more videos emerged we realized that this was a much darker and scarier situation than we could have imagined. We sincerely apologize if our post triggered any emotional distress.” 

Davis reported that the video was recorded toward the end of last year when she was moving out of an apartment with Ware. 

“I told him that I was staying the night in the apartment since I still was paying rent,” Davis said. “He kicked my door in, came in and saw that I was videoing, and he got the palm of his hand and shoved my face down into my bed.”

The police are not currently involved. 

The last comment Wildwood Tavern made about this situation was atweet stating:“Thank you again for raising these concerns. We are striving to make a safe environment for our female patrons. Thank you.” 

Davis has not returned to Wildwood Tavern since she released the videos. Ware is currently in the process of moving away from Florence, Ala. 

Davis said that she initially felt surprised at the responses she received. 

“I felt like I did something right,” Davis said. “I feel like this situation helped so many people come forward and talk about the things that they’ve been through.” 

Davis and a group of other women are currently planning a rally against domestic violence in March.