Rihanna disappoints, yet remains undefeated

            New music of the new year awaits its listeners; however, some have had their hopes and dreams shattered by the one person they wanted music from the most. 

            Rihanna has been a major singer and songwriter for more than a decade but has not released an album since 2016. Her previous studio album “Anti” was her eighth album which went double platinum. The Barbadian star is known for her timeless music that can energize and bring light to nearly any atmosphere. 

            Although she has been massively successful and content with her business endeavors in fashion and makeup, many fans have continued to express their desire for her specifically to drop new music. 

            Fans like UNA junior Keya Goodloe patiently awaited music that was ultimately never released. When asked what artists she was waiting on new music from, Goodloe said, “Rihanna was supposed to drop music in 2019, and she didn’t. That’s who I’m waiting on.”

            Rihanna has made countless posts on Twitter and Instagram regarding her satisfaction with her edgy and inclusive brands and recently released book. Fans can still support her by getting a copy of her book or by purchasing her clothes or makeup, but they may have to wait a bit longer before getting the longed-for and long-awaited album.

            In the meantime, plenty of good music will be arriving early this year to appease those who are okay with —or at least coping with— Ms. Fenty’s slight musical hiatus.

            R&B artist 6lack teased his new album after tweeting, “new year new album” on New Year’s Day. There is no further information from him regarding when the album is set to drop.

            Russ, who captured the hearts of many young and hopeful romantics with his smooth sound in his 2015 single “Losin Control” will reveal more of his musical talent with “Shake the Snow Globe,” an album that will feature 12 tracks along with two bonus tracks. Its current release date is Jan. 31.

            UNA senior Phillip Lindsey expects new music from one of his favorite rappers who goes by the alias, “Noname.” “Her music is real, and it just speaks to my soul,” Lindsey said. “She always talks about real problems in the world [in her music], and she’s just great.”

            Seasoned bands The 1975 and Green Day will both be previewing new music early in the year. Artists Kesha and Halsey will also be sharing their stories in new albums toward the middle and end of the month. Halsey’s 16-track “Manic” is set for Jan. 17, while Kesha’s 15-track “High Road” is set to release on Jan. 31

“I’m really looking forward to some new music from Halsey,” UNA junior Taya Mitchell said. “Her new album releases soon, and I can’t wait to hear what she has for us. I also can’t wait to hear some music from Billie Eilish since her last album didn’t have one song on it that wasn’t a bop.”

            Fans of the distinguished a cappella group Pentatonix may also want to check out upcoming work from former member and bassist Avi Kaplan. His EP “I’ll Get By” may be emotional for some fans who are still upset about his leaving the group in 2017. It will include six songs and is set to release on Jan. 24.