Space Tyger performs benefit concert in Florence

Brooke J. Freundschuh

On Nov. 2, 2019 Kyle Bragwell, also known as Space Tyger, and his band took the stage of Singin’ River Live in Florence to celebrate the release of Space Tyger’s new album, “Bittersweet.”

The proceeds from ticket sales went to benefit a local haven for the homeless, Room in the Inn. Space Tyger put on a vibrant eleven-song set that was a treat for any fan of live music. This leaves the question: who is Space Tyger?

Kyle Bragwell is a 26 year-old native of Florence, AL, who has crafted himself into a prominent name on the Muscle Shoals music scene. Bragwell has known since a young age that he had a passion for music, and after a number of attempts at playing in and writing for bands, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

In 2016 Bragwell began releasing music under the stage name Space Tyger; however, it was not until the summer of 2019 that he was signed to Single-Lock Records.

Single-Lock Records, an indie record label based in Florence, AL, released Space Tyger’s record “Bittersweet,” on Nov. 8, 2019, but nearly a week earlier, attendees of the release concert got the pleasure of hearing the record before its debut. Singin’ River Live, a local bar and concert venue opened its doors to Bragwell’s friends and fans alike. A signature beer was even served for the show.

“I was just happy to see that many people and how smooth everything went and how well the whole night went. Like I was just really happy and surprised about it all,” Bragwell said, “All I hoped was that people came, and they did and that was great.”

The concert was a pleasant experience for concert goers, but was a special experience for those who share Bragwell’s passion for music. After finishing their set, Bragwell and his accompanying band were cheered back onto the stage to perform an encore.

Bragwell is quick to praise his band and excitedly said, “The way the band is now is how I’ve always wanted it to be. I’ve always imagined it, so I just wanted to show everyone that too: how to incorporate and play those songs live.”

Despite the chill environment and the magical way the light displays shone through the fog, perhaps the best thing about this event was the fact that it benefited a local charity. “I think it’s a great thing that they’re [Room in the Inn] doing; I always have,” Bragwell said, “However big or small of a platform I have to, like, help in any way in the community, I just want to do that and that was just a good way that I knew to do it.”

Six days after this show “Bittersweet” was released. “Bittersweet” was completely a solo effort on Kyle’s part. The instrumentation on the album was not recorded in a studio but in his own home. “I played everything,” Bragwell said.“I had everything done and then I got signed,” he explained.

The dreamy sounding record covers some not-so-dreamy topics in its half-hour long run time. Bragwell said, “If there’s a concept to it, its being in a really bad place mentally for a while. So that’s where it starts, in this continuous disillusioned state. It’s about feeling better and getting better. By the end I’m in, like, a good place with it all.” In conclusion he said, “If all else, I wanted people to realize that it is a whole body of work, not just a bunch of songs that I wrote.”

Space Tyger has a bright musical future ahead of him and is making Florence proud.