Sigma Alpha Epsilon returns to UNA after four years of dormancy

Muscle Shoals native Austin Gregory is the first president of SAE at UNA since its return from hiatus.

The Alabama Nu chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon started expansion at the end of August. The fraternity, originally founded at the University of Alabama in 1856, was chartered at UNA in 1989, but became dormant a few years ago after the majority of its members graduated.

Coordinator of Recruitment, Grant Mathis, selected Austin Gregory as president and Trevor Ford as Vice President.

“In the past, you know a couple years ago, it was just a regular old fraternity, SAE, and then it got to a point where they were pretty much only recruiting juniors and seniors, those were the ones who were interested, so their turn around rate wasn’t what it needed to be,” Ford said. “Once those juniors and seniors graduated there was only like three or four people left in the fraternity and it got to the point where they weren’t doing events and it just kind of died out.” According to the Sigma Alpha Epsilon national website, its mission is “To promote the highest standards of friendship, scholarship, leadership and service for our members throughout life.”

Gregory and Ford both want to recruit gentlemen who fit this profile.

“We’re looking for guys who are going to strive to achieve more than just the ordinary student,” Gregory said. “We want guys who put schoolwork first, who get involved in extracurricular activities, who greet everyone they meet with a smile, and who will represent our fraternity well.”

The fraternity puts emphasis on the “true gentlemen” and looks for individuals who rise above the average college experience.

“Our biggest thing right now is making involvement our number one priority as a fraternity,” Ford said. “We’re requiring people to have 20 hours of community service, have a 2.5 GPA as nationals sets and we are also looking for people to be in another RSO that way they can increase their involvement and get more out of campus life and life at UNA.”

As part of its philanthropy, Sigma Alpha Epsilon raises money for Children’s Miracle Network. In addition to philanthropy, new leaders want to build a strong academic foundation for their chapter.

“We want all the guys to put their studies first,” Gregory

days they will be initiated once the bid is extended that way we can eliminate the potential for hazing.”

The Alabama Nu chapter has recruited eight members since expansion began in August, but they’re looking to double that number. In addition to philanthropy, academics, Gregory and Ford look to foster a strong sense of brotherhood among new members.

Muscle Shoals native Austin Gregory is the first president of SAE at UNA since its return from hiatus.

“If you want to surround yourself with a great group of individuals that are literally going to push you to be the best possible version of yourself then come see us,” Gregory said. “We are welcoming of all and we look forward to meeting anyone, and don’t be afraid to take that step because it is a great step to take,” Ford said. “There may be hesitation but the reward, it’ll pay for itself.”

said. “We care about them and their grades more than we care about them and their grades. Students are at college to earn a degree; greek life is just an extra.”

Gentlemen who may be interested in attending recruitment events can contact Trevor Ford by email at [email protected] or through call or text at (205) 495-7166.

“We do not do pledgeship,” Ford said. “What happens is there’ll be recruitment events to help potential new members gauge their interest in our fraternity and if they decide that this is where they want to be and our members decide this is where we’d like them to be, we will extend a bid and within four