Newspapers reported stolen on campus

Reports about stolen student newspapers around campus reached Flor-Ala officials on Thursday, Nov. 8. 

Individuals reported seeing students stealing copies of the latest issue of The Flor-Ala from various buildings and locations on campus.

The theft was reported to campus officials and UNA police.

According to the Student Press Law Center’s website, newspaper theft is a crime and individuals can be prosecuted through a variety of legal avenues.  

“Publishing a student newspaper is an expensive undertaking; student media lose thousands of dollars each year as a result of newspaper theft,” according to the SPLC’s website. “Like other types of theft, newspaper thieves deprive rightful owners of their valuable property. Among other expenses, students news organizations pay editorial staff to produce the newspaper, advertising staff to sell ads, printers to print it and circulation staff to distribute the finished product.”

The Flor-Ala distributes papers across campus and in the Shoals community each week, with the first issue being free to students and staff members at UNA and any additional copies can be bought costing $1 per issue.