College spooks

Student actors lurk in the shadows at the fourth annual Kappa Sigma haunted house in the GUC Halloween night. The brothers of Kappa Sig decided to hire professionals to design and plan the haunted house this year, but they kept UNA students behind the masks scaring the participants.

The brothers of Kappa Sigma fraternity hosted their fourth annual haunted house in the GUC Halloween night.

This year’s event was a bit different from years past because the brothers decided to hire professionals instead of doing it themselves. The brothers chose Simplified Entertainment to provide the haunted house. This company travels all over the United States, setting up mobile haunted houses.

“The entire structure is departmentalized,” said Francis Fu, Simplified Entertainment employee. “There’s a different element of fear in each room.”

Though the company providing the haunted house is professional, the people lurking in the darkness are still students.

“A majority of the houses are set up on college campuses, and the scarers are typically always students,” Fu said. “This is a fun event for those who are scaring and those who are going through.”

Kappa Sigma member J.T. Adams said, as a tour guide, he was looking forward to the looks on people’s faces.

Before going into the haunted house, Jaleicia George said she wasn’t expecting to be scared. George said students had mentioned the haunted house not living up to expectations in the past, but she thinks it’s because it’s on a college campus.

“It’s not something you’d expect on a college campus,” she said. “It’s something you’d pay money for.”

UNA student Bishop Alexander said the idea to have the haunted house provided by professionals actually came from Director of Student Engagement Tammy Jacques. They had worked and planned together since June.

As the support for the haunted house grew, more safety precautions had to be implemented. Alexander said having it on campus is much safer and warmer. During previous haunted houses, students would have to wait in the cold before entering, but students were able to stay more comfortable in the GUC. There was also a UNA police officer on duty in case of emergency.

The brothers of Kappa Sigma host this haunted house free of admission every year. Alexander said the funding was provided by student activity fees, Kappa Sigma Fraternity and the Alexander Hope Foundation. This event is a way to give back to the community.

“We do this for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and in honor of Chad Silcox,” Alexander said. “It’s a bittersweet event.”

Kappa Sigma member Hunter Daws said Silcox loved to scare people and he would have enjoyed the haunted house.

There were approximately 1,000 students in attendance this year.

Attendees said this year’s haunted house was the best yet.

Simplified Entertainment’s crew said UNA was the best college they had toured. They can’t wait to come back next year because of UNA’s enthusiasm and large turnout.

The brothers of Kappa Sigma said they are appreciative of all who attended, UNA and the student activity fees.