Career fair to bring 20 employers

UNA’s Career Fair will gather various organizations to Banquet Hall B in the GUC Oct. 9 from noon to 5 p.m. for students to meet potential employers.

Students will have an opportunity to meet with some of the major employers from around the state, such as Intergraph, Sherwin-Williams, the United States Space and Rocket Center and more.

“We’ve invited approximately 500 companies from this area, the Nashville area, from Atlanta and various other companies students had suggested,” said Jennifer Smith, UNA career development coordinator.

The event will allow students–especially seniors — to start networking with the important employers that might lead to a career.

Career Services has more than 20 employers participating in this year’s career fair, somewhat fewer than years past.

“We don’t have as many registered as we would like to see,” Smith said. “Some of the employers are not attending as many career fairs as they have in the past.”

But Smith said the employers who could not attend assured that they had prior arrangements at other career fairs.

“It was good to hear that some of (the employers) said that they would love to come but that they had a conflict,” Smith said.

Many employers were attending other career fairs at the same time and could not spare anyone for UNA’s fair, which showed that participation has not slowed down due to the economy, officials said.

Smith said any students who are attending the career fair should come prepared.

“The first thing would be to dress professionally,” Smith said. “Your first impressions are very important when you’re meeting with employers. Bring copies of your resume–many copies–and then be willing to look through the list of employers beforehand.”

Being prepared can be an important steppingstone to a career, Smith said.

Smith said the point of the fair is to network. Forgetting to network can mean missing that all-important first job.

“(Companies) would much rather interview someone that they have seen before — that they had a conversation with — than just strangers that they have no connection with,” she said.

Career Services offers help and training for any student wanting to attend the fair but are too shy or unprepared for it.

“Students are welcome to come see us beforehand if they need help with their resume, if they need to know if their outfit is appropriate, or if they just feel nervous and need someone to sit with them,” she said.

She said Career Services offers mock interviews for students to learn interviewing techniques, information on career paths and a career guide that offers tips.

“We’ll be glad to help with anything,” Smith said.