SGA discusses possibility of mobile feedback station

SGA Senate met Thursday, Oct. 11, and discussed the pros and cons of purchasing a mobile feedback station to use for polling the student body throughout the year.


The station would include a mobile cart, as well as three to five iPod Touches, which would be directly connected to OrgSync and would allow students to vote on issues directly surrounding the student body and the university.


The iPods would cost between approximately $597 and $995, not counting the costs for security measures and the mobile cart.


Jordan Brasher, SGA senate vice president, said she fully supports this idea.


Some don’t think the mobile feedback station is necessary, though.


“I think the money could be better spent in other places,” said Jon McGee, SGA senator.


Before tabling the issue for further discussion at the next meeting, Brasher reminded SGA senate to remember nothing is concrete with the station yet.


“Don’t get drug down in the logistics,” Brasher said. “This is still just a conceptual idea and will have to be put into bill format before we can decide anything.”


Look for a full-length story from today’s SGA meeting in next week’s issue of The Flor-Ala.