Man charged with public lewdness in parking deck

UNA Police arrested a man Sept. 24 at approximately 9 a.m. after he allegedly exposed himself on campus, officials said.

John Cameron Crouch, 21, was booked in the Lauderdale County Detention Center on charges of public lewdness, officials said.

UNA police Chief Bob Pastula said the man claimed he was urinating in the stairwell of the parking deck in the northern part of campus.

Officers found no evidence that Crouch had urinated in the parking deck, according to reports.

The victim found Crouch in the stairwell with his pants unzipped. He then allegedly exposed himself to the victim, according to police reports.

The victim, a UNA student, alerted police of Crouch after she encountered him in one of the stairwells, officials said.

Officials were not immediately sure why Crouch was on campus, or in the parking deck. Crouch is not enrolled as a UNA student, officials said.

Reports indicate that Crouch said he was looking for his girlfriend’s sister in the parking deck.

Crouch has been trespassed from the UNA campus, according to police reports. Crouch changed his story several times as to why he was on campus to police, according to reports.

After his arrest, Crouch was positively identified as the suspect, according to reports.

If the suspect is convicted, indecent exposure is a class C misdemeanor punishable by not more than three months in jail, according to the Alabama criminal code.

Crouch was released on bond the same day.