VP candidate stresses importance of higher education

University officials hosted a public forum on campus with Jeff Lorber, the second candidate for vice president of university advancement, Tuesday, Sept. 4.


Lorber opened his presentation with his interest in higher education. He talked about his experience with his college orientation and how that influenced his career choices.


“Over the course of those two days at orientation, I knew I was somehow going to work in higher education one day,” Lorber said.


Lorber said that while he believes in higher education and its influence on personal development of an individual, he believes a bit more in the big picture of higher education.


Lorber said he is particularly interested in serving the university as vice president of university advancement because he feels a sense of unity and loyalty among the campus and community.


“I think, for me—and I’m being sincere about this—the warmth and feeling of inclusion here attracted me,” Lorber said. “There is an affinity that these individuals, students and faculty both, have for this university, and it’s almost contagious. I want to make it home for me.”


Lorber said the university needs to be aware of the type of student it is currently attracting.


“We need to make sure we’re comfortable with who we are and what we can offer,” Lorber said. “We need to focus on what type of student we’re currently attracting and try to attract more of them.”


Lorber is currently the associate vice chancellor for institutional advancement at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and executive director of development for the SIU Foundation. He has served in various director positions at other universities, including Indiana University Northwest, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Northern Illinois University, Butler University, University of Northern Iowa and Washington University in St. Louis.