New campus apartments open

The new campus apartments, located in the 700 block of Graham Avenue, Florence, cost students $599 a month and are pre-furnished.

UNA, in conjunction with Sak Brothers, opened a new apartment complex on Graham Avenue to students this semester.

Grandview Campus Apartments, which was remodeled by Sak Brothers, are currently being leased to students at $599 per student.

“Right now we’ve got two of the buildings open–one being completely open, one (where) we still have a few apartments that are offline, but we’ve got some that are ready to go,” said Audrey Mitchell, director of housing.

The apartments, which come fully furnished except for any bedroom furniture, are located close enough to the campus that students will be able to ride a bike or walk there instead of drive, Mitchell said.

The apartments include a fully-furnished kitchen and living room, a bathroom for each person, a washer and dryer in each apartment, and outside courtyard areas for grilling and tailgating.

“Back toward the back (of the building), you’ve got a nice pavilion area that will be done, built-in grills—the whole nine yards,” Mitchell said. “Students can actually use that, have parties. It makes a wonderful hangout area.”

The apartments have been under construction over the summer and are finally opening to university students.

While owned by Sak Brothers rather than the university, UNA is doing its best to ensure that students are happy with the apartments, Mitchell said.

However, the cost could be a concern with some students.

“(The price) was set by the owner—the university didn’t have anything to do with setting the price because this is not university-owned,” Mitchell said. “Only university students can live there because it’s us that are managing it. But the property itself—all the renovation and construction—that is done by the owner.”

The new apartments will be convenient for students, said Jimmy Waddell, assistant director of housing.

“You take a student, say, from Florida coming here,” Waddell said. “They have limited ways of bringing an apartment full of furniture, so they come here and all they have to worry about is getting a bed. So it makes it convenient for them.”

The rent is set separately for how many people are living in the apartment. If a student loses a roommate for whatever reason, they are only obligated to pay their portion, Waddell said.

“You’re responsible for your rent; your roommate is responsible for theirs,” Mitchell said. “If anything happens, you don’t have to assume that part of the rent.”

The apartments are located at the 700 block of Graham Avenue and feature a fully-furnished apartment (except for bedroom), private bathroom for each resident, 42-inch television, UNA shuttle bus routes and more.