Greek GPAs rise overall from spring semester

Greek organizations at UNA improved their academic performances during the spring 2012 semester after dropping in performance during the fall 2011 semester, according to documents from the Office of Student Engagement.

Overall performance of the Greek organizations rose from a 2.67 grade point average (GPA) to 2.79.

Out of the 17 Greek organizations at UNA, three fell below the required 2.5 GPA during the spring semester. This number is one of the lowest UNA has seen in recent years, according to documents released by the Office of Student Engagement.

“We’re very excited about it,” said DeAnte’ Smith, assistant director of student engagement for Greek life. “We are going to continue to try and build off of last semester.”

Individually, each Greek organization raised its overall GPA, with the exception of Delta Sigma Theta and Phi Beta Sigma. Both dropped in overall GPA, but are still exceeding the 2.5 standard set in place by the Office of Student Engagement.

The all-Interfraternity Council GPA, which was below 2.5 during the fall, rose to a 2.73 during the spring. The all-fraternity GPA was a 2.7, rising from 2.41 in the previous semester.

“GPA is something that all RSOs must maintain awareness of,” Smith said. “Greeks try to balance so many hats, though, that academics may sometimes fall behind. We’re pleased with the semester, though.”

Smith said that in addition to each chapter, thanks should also be given to chapter advisers.

“We must also give thanks to advisers, as well as chapters, for making sure their chapters buckle down and study,” Smith said.

Alpha Tau Omega adviser Adam Goodman credits the chapter for their success during the spring semester where they raised the overall GPA from 3.15 to 3.25.

“They continually set the bar for themselves higher and continue to exceed that,” Goodman said. “They’re striving for excellence in all that they do, not just academics.”

Following the Greek grade report for fall 2011, Smith said that steps were taken to restore academic performance for every chapter.

“The university gave more resources to chapters to help them,” Smith said. “Our office also sent out numerous emails to everyone reminding them to maintain focus during the spring semester.”

Mary Daniel, scholarship chair for Alpha Gamma Delta, said that the chapter engages in multiple monitored and unmonitored study hours each week to maintain their GPA.

“There is potential to get eight hours of monitored studying a week,” Daniel said. “We require members who don’t make the GPA requirement to have six monitored hours and four unmonitored a week.”

A new Greek standard, created by Smith and the Office of Student Engagement, will be set in place this semester. This standard recognizes excellence in six specific areas: academic performance, new member education, member education, community service, philanthropy and campus involvement. The standard outlines specific guidelines to be followed by each chapter in every area listed, as well as mandatory actions that will be taken again unregistered social events.

Greek organizations at UNA will be responsible for keeping up with and submitting documentation to verify compliance with each area of excellence and will submit to an audit conducted by the Greek Life Advisor once each year.

“This is the first year we’re going to be trying it,” Smith said. “Obviously, there will be some kinks to work out as we go along, but we’ll be working with each organization on a one-on-one basis during this.