Senior, Hannah Campbell, chosen for radio scholarship

Brooke J. Freundschuh

Hannah Campbell is a member of the University of North Alabama’s class of 2020. She is majoring in Mass Communications/Journalism and Digital Media Production. Campbell came to UNA in the fall of 2018 after receiving her associates degree from Calhoun Community College.

Campbell was immediately drawn to UNA’s communications department. During the summer, she found an exciting opportunity via the communication department’s Facebook page: The Radioshow.

The Radioshow is a conference that will be held in Dallas, Texas, on Sept. 24-26, 2019. The Radioshow is an event for young professionals who are interested in entering the radio industry.

The event is three days full of entertainment, networking opportunities, and educational content. Each attendee is matched with a mentor who is at the top of their game in the radio industry. Each year, several college students are selected as “Radio Scholars.”

After completing the application process, which includes an application, resume, and video response, the chosen Radio Scholars are granted their admission to the event. This year, Campbell was chosen as a Radio Scholar.

Campbell said that she has always had an interest in communications and that she’s dreamed of being on television ever since she was a child watching the Today Show. However, in 2018, she began working for Big Country 105.7, a radio station in Hartselle, Alabama.

“I never thought about radio until I started working there,” Campbell said.

At Big Country, she does public service announcements on air and manages the station’s social media pages. She plans to graduate from UNA in spring and is still deciding on what path she wants to follow in her career, but no matter the path, the destination will be helping people through her work.

“I just want to find something where I can help be a voice to people and put their message out there,” said Campbell. “When I first started, I was like ‘I want to be on TV. I want to do this. I want to do that.’ Then I started thinking. I was like, ‘there’s a bigger purpose.’ The whole point in media is bigger than looking pretty and reading words off of the teleprompter on TV.”

Hannah credits the staff of the communications department for helping her reach this point and often cites the department chair, Dr. Butler Cain, as one of her greatest mentors.

At The RadioShow, Campbell hopes to network and make connections with others in the industry.

She strives to obtain as much knowledge as she can while she is there.

When asked, her words of advice to fellow UNA students were, “People should apply more for things, like, even if you don’t think you’re gonna get it, just apply. Go for it, because I think the biggest things students have that holds them back is fear.”