SGA singles out issues, makes plans for new year

In the time since their leadership retreat Aug. 1, SGA has discussed  plans for the upcoming school year, some of which are reactions to UNA’s  Division I move.

SGA President Will Riley said his goal right now is a matter of sorting out the issues needing focus.

“We came up with about 12 issues that we are looking to address,” he said. “Of those 12, we are still deciding what our tops should be, whether it’s top three or top five. We’re looking to see whatever’s attainable this year.”

Among these issues, Riley said he has an interest in “new campus traditions” to implement as part of the D-I move.

“(SGA wants to) install a carillon bell system, and this system would chime either the UNA fight song or the UNA alma mater every day depending on when we set it,” he said. “At larger universities, they have a bell tower that will ring at, say, 12 o’clock every day. We’re looking at modeling that kind of setup.”

As well as changes on campus, Riley said another priority is an effort to transform Florence into a true college town.

“We’re trying to increase our relations with downtown Florence. Our SGA approached the Florence Main Street committee, and we’ve been looking at trying to develop a UNA college night downtown,” he said. “Sept. 13, we’re looking at branding downtown as a UNA college night. We’re still determining the name and the layout of the event.”

Riley said he is confident in the abilities of the present SGA and sees great potential for its current projects.

“I think our way of executing goals is fine, as modeled after previous SGAs, specifically at UNA,” he said. “If I were to do anything differently, it would be to focus on the year’s goals instead of a five-year plan.

“Sometimes whenever we set goals that aren’t tangible, it’s hard to feel like you’re progressing. We’re trying to establish goals that can just happen. We were looking at bringing things to campus that students as well as SGA can physically see.”