Where do your fees go?

In addition to the fees for each hour of classes students have to pay at UNA, students’ accounts are billed a separate list of fees as well.

The money paid for these fees benefits the student body as a whole, said Dr. William Stevens Smith, vice president of business and financial affairs.

“We are sensitive with the charges and do our best to help make fees fundamental on campus,” Smith said.

The following is a list of additional fees and a summary of their uses.

Facilities= $11 per credit hour

This fee gives the university enough funds to reconstruct and renovate the landmarks and buildings on and around campus. If there are any problems concerning construction of the buildings and rooms on campus, this fee is used to cover it.

Transportation= $22 per semester

This fee is for the renting of student parking and registration for vehicles. It pays for the fuel and operations for the shuttle buses, which run weekdays around campus. It also provides students with a parking decal.

Technology= $12 per credit hour

This fee is used to provide wireless Internet throughout campus. It also pays for the software used on a daily basis at UNA. Examples include the Mane Card software (Cbord), Angel and UNAPortal. These programs give students the opportunity to register for classes online and aid the entire student database’s organization.

Activity Fee= $27 per semester

This fee goes directly to the organizations, sororities and fraternities on campus. It will mainly go to the University Program Council (UPC), which is a major group responsible for setting up activities on campus, such as concerts, programs and speakers.

Dinning Dollars= $75 per semester

All full-time students pay the Dining Dollars fee and literally see where their money is going. The funds are placed on students’ Mane Cards, encouraging on-campus dining and allowing them to choose from Pizza Hut Express, SubConnection and Mein Bowl, located in the Guillot University Center.

Athletic= $2 per credit hour

This fee, requested by the athletic board, pays for athletic programs provided on campus. It grants free admission for students to attend all non-championship games on campus. It also pays for the giveaways during games, such as free iPads, T–shirts and food.

Health= $50 per semester

Smith said this fee gives students unlimited access to the Bennett Infirmary Health Center on campus. It is a simple co-pay fee, which will be their only charge once they visit the infirmary, aside from purchasing medications.

Recreation= $10 per credit hour

This fee pays for students to utilize the Student Recreation Center. These funds pay for the recreation facility operators, utilities, supplies and personnel. Students should also know that $1 of this fee goes to the UNA Student Government Association. SGA uses that money to pay for the events it plans on campus.