President Cale addresses Kilby concerns in email to faculty, staff

Kilby School teacher Mary Summy instructs her students in her classroom on the UNA campus. 

President Bill Cale announced today to faculty and staff via email that officials are working on a plan that will allow Kilby School to continue operations in the future.

 “The plan will stabilize the UNA subsidy to those operations at a level below the past five years while preserving core functions,” Cale said in the email. “Dean Donna Jacobs and (Kilby) Principal Mary Maschal will present to me a detailed plan of implementation in the next few days.

“The plan affirms the value of Kilby to the UNA mission but also recognizes the financial realities we face as an institution.”

Cale is expected to address the UNA Faculty Senate May 1 at 3:30 p.m. with an update on the Kilby discussion.

Stay with The Flor-Ala as this story develops. Look for an update on this afternoon after the meeting.