SMAC hosts culture night, celebrates diversity at university

Students from across the world will gather to share their cultures, customs and international cuisine during the 10th annual Global Culture Night April 21 at 7 p.m. in Norton Auditorium.

The Student Multicultural Advisory Committee (SMAC) has organized the event with the help of individual UNA students and the community.

The event will feature many different international performances by UNA students, the Chinese Student Organization, Japanese University Meal Project, African Student Organization, Ascending Voices and Shoals community members.

“Global Culture Night is an opportunity for international students to show different talents and introduce UNA students to the cultures,” said UNA senior Allison Ray, SMAC leader and organizer of the event. “Global Culture Night is not just for the American students and domestic students who try to learn it; it’s also for the international students who learn American culture and share their own cultures.”

People can see and experience many different kinds of cultures without traveling the world or learning other languages to communicate with people and exchange cultures, Ray said.

This year, SMAC has the goal “Aim to Change” for the entire year of activities, and it is also the theme of Global Culture Night. The purpose is to advocate, integrate, and motivate students to raise awareness for different issues, different cultures and diversity. Through this event, SMAC desires for more students to be interested in other cultures.

Ray said the event is a great time for not only international students who will perform and share their own cultures, but also for Americans who will get to know new customs and talents.

“I am little nervous but excited because I’ve been to Global Culture Night, and everyone you see has so many different talents and so many different kind of dresses,” said UNA senior Rachel Bond, who will act as emcee for this event.

This event is free, and, following the event, there will be international foods, music and dancing in the GUC Atrium.

“It is the entire world, not just a specific country, so it’s great way for Americans, UNA and (other) communities, too, to be exposed to different cultures,” Bond said.