Officials plan demolition on campus

UNA will be taking on several demolition and construction projects during the course of the next couple of months, said Facilities Administration and Planning Director Michael Gautney.

The plans include tearing down three houses on Irvine and Seminary streets to make room for a 45-spot parking lot that will be used to replace the parking that will be lost when the Student Commons and Academic Center is built, Gautney said. The demolition is expected to be finished by the end of July, and the parking lot should be finished near September.

The Student Commons and Academic Center will be built in the commuter parking lot behind Keller Hall. Construction of the new building is still pending board approval, but construction is expected to begin in August, Gautney said. Its completion can be expected in August of 2013.

In order to make room for the new science and engineering building, the Oakview Circle tennis courts will be demolished along with the physical plant on Pine Street near it starting in May. The tennis courts and physical plant demolition should be finished in July, Gautney said.

Gautney said construction of the science and engineering building is awaiting board approval but is expected to begin in September. Its completion can be expected in December of 2014.

Gautney said no major roadblocks are expected to hinder students during the demolitions coming up in May.

Some students are excited about the new facilities.

“I think it is a great move for UNA,” said Ryan Henderson, a public relations major.

Henderson said the new parking lot will help relieve the stress of finding a spot because of the parking lot the new Student Commons will replace.

UNA public relations major Catie Childers has some concerns about some of the demolition projects.

“I like the idea of new parking,” she said. “I don’t like the idea of knocking down historical buildings (the three houses on Seminary and Irvine). I think the lot in front of the sorority dorms should be made into parking.”

Areas that will be effected –

Three houses on Irvine Avenue

Commuter lot behind Keller Hall

Oakview Circle tennis courts

Old Physical Plant on Pine Street