SGA provides funding to renovate classroom into movie space

Communications Instructor Stephanie Montgomery teaches her students in communications building room 131. The room will soon be renovated and have cushioned seats and an upgraded audio-visual system.

Last February, the SGA approved $34,000 to be taken from the student recreation fee charge account to put toward the remodeling of room 131 in the communications building. UNA will also donate approximately $35,000 to the project.

The remodel will include transforming the stadium-style room into a reflection of a theater. The renovation will allow for the room to be repainted and carpet will be added to the room to reduce noise.

The old seats will be pulled out and replaced with more comfortable seats that include the flip-down desks for note-taking. A new projector and sound system will be added, depending on the cost, said Department of Communications Chair Dr. Greg Pitts.

Pitts approached SGA last semester for the remodel.

“When I learned that SGA had funds for long term projects, I started looking into a comfortable movie setting,” Pitts said. “There is something so special about watching a movie in a large, darkened room.”

Pitts said he noticed UNA lacked space for events like movie screens. He said the performance center is often booked or even too large for some screenings.

“Sometimes, you need a little more intimate setting,” Pitts said.

The new movie room will also be open to the entire university and organizations will be able to book the room for events, Pitts said.

“The room belongs to the university, not the department,” he said. “Sometimes, we get too territorial.”

Robby Thompson, a senator for SGA, wrote the bill for the room to be remodeled after Pitts approached SGA. He said he was searching for a use of the student recreation fee charge account that would benefit the most students.

“I feel that SGA helping with the renovation would help the student body and give UNA something unique to improve its image,” Thompson said. “I think it’s going to be really beneficial to the student body to have the movie room on campus.”

Some UNA students are excited about the remodel.

“I think it’s good because we want to have the best,” said David McCreary, a communications student at UNA. “We want the best classrooms and teachers to help bring people to our department.”

Pitts said renovations should start in the summer and be finished by the fall semester.