SGA candidates prepare for upcoming election, debate

Jordan Brasher, candidate for SGA vice president for senate, hangs up one of her campaign posters in Bibb Graves Hall Feb. 27 on campus. Candidates for SGA executive positions have started to post their campaign materials on campus this week.

With SGA elections in full swing, the candidates for office are working crowds and distributing their campaign materials to the student body.

For the first time in recent years, there are two candidates running for the presidential office. Students Will Riley and William Nash will face off for the chance to be next year’s SGA president in the elections scheduled for March 12 to 14.

Both Nash and Riley—as well as many other candidates—are already meeting with student groups and getting their faces out to the UNA community.

“I have just been coordinating with a lot of student groups on campus to have an interpersonal communication with these students,” Riley said. “I have been making numerous flyers, I’ve imposed a Twitter hashtag and a Facebook group as well as distributed T-shirts.”

Nash has done much of the same to get his name and platform out to students.

“Everything that you see from this campaign will have my name and my face on it,” Nash said. “(My campaign) is really about serving those who served, helping those who need help and continuing to make UNA a better place to go to school.”

Both Nash and Riley have begun speaking to student groups—such as sororities and fraternities, as well as other organizations—on campus.

“(My campaign is) making a commitment to talk to as many groups on campus as we can,” Nash said.

Nash and Riley said they are excited about the upcoming election. Riley said he is looking forward to getting more students involved in student government.

“(I am excited to be a part of) the future of the election,” Riley said. “In years past, there has only been 800 students (vote), and I hope to get around 1,000.”

Nash and Riley, as well as the other executive candidates, will participate in a debate next week in the Stevens Hall Auditorium at 7:00 p.m.

In addition to Nash and Riley, the candidate for SGA Vice President for Senate Jordan Brasher and candidate for SGA Vice President for UPC Jori Chatman will be at the debate, as well as secretary candidates Mary Francis Wilson and Robby Thompson and candidate for treasurer Laura Giles.