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Did I like ‘Clueless’?… As if

Warning: This Review Contains Spoilers!

“Clueless,” released in July 1995, is considered one of the most iconic movies of our time. This coming-of-age movie is centered around Cher Horowitz, the rich daughter of a lawyer, and her fabulous everyday life.

For anyone who has not seen “Clueless,” this movie is perhaps one of the most confusing movies I have ever seen. I was under the impression that the film was going to be a super funny romantic comedy, but my impression was wrong.

The film starts off with the line, “So, OK, you’re probably like – what is this? A Noxzema commercia?” and I was instantly confused. For anyone that doesn’t know what Noxzema is, it’s a skin product. After I searched Noxzema, I un-paused the movie, and continued watching. Quick shots of Beverly Hills teenagers at pool parties and Cher and Dionne (her equally stylish best friend) dancing and having a good time are flashed on the screen.

My confusion grew.

A little while after that, Cher is on the screen and she’s using a fancy computer-looking thing to pick her clothes for the day. Queue her iconic yellow plaid ensemble that at least 10 girls can be seen wearing at Halloween parties. Then, the elaborate life of Beverly Hills is shown, and next thing I know, Cher is in debate class giving a speech about how Haitians should be able to take refuge in America, because the Statue of Liberty doesn’t say R.S.V.P. on it. Personally, I think that her speech resonates with what is happening in America and around the world today.

Most of the rest of the movie goes by in a flash, except for the few chuckles I made during the gym class tennis scene, where Tai gets hit in the head, and the scene where Tai falls down the stairs.

The amount of eye rolls I did during the course of the movie is unbelievable. I liked the characters, the outfits and everything else, except for the dialogue. It might just be me, but most of the dialogue left me confused. Maybe it’s supposed to be like that and I just didn’t get it?

The last thirty minutes of the film were the best part in my opinion. Cher comes to realize that Christain is gay and Tai becomes the most popular girl in the school, which ultimately leads to Cher discovering her feelings for her ex-stepbrother Josh. Cher kisses Josh, and then there’s a wedding, but not theirs obviously, because she’s only 16. She ends up “catching” the bouquet at the wedding of her debate teacher, Mr. Hall, and Ms. Geist, one of Cher’s big make-over projects throughout the movie.

Overall, after the end credits rolled, I could see why the movie was iconic, but that was my first and last time ever watching it. I give it a solid 3 out of 5.

I wouldn’t say it was horrible, it just wasn’t the movie for me. A lot of my friends say that “Clueless” is in the top-5 in their favorite movies list, but it doesn’t even come close to being in mine.

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