Shadow in us all

In life, people are defined by their personalities. Personalities such as shy, cautious, cowardly, sad, plain or oblivious; these traits make up one’s persona. They are what the world sees. They are the front line in the war of social engagement.

It is said that there are many facets to a person, and the same thing can be said about an individual’s personality. While certain traits dominate, others still exist in everyone. These secondary traits exist as shadows – as “what ifs” and “if onlys.” These shadows are the hidden parts of our personality, the parts of a person that exist only on the inside and are not strong enough to be seen by the world.

These traits are covered up by uncertainty and unknowing, never becoming more than ghosts of what we all could be and what we all could do. If the shadows of our personalities were in control, everything about our lives would be different.

Every decision and every scenario would play out in a different way. Everyone would be the opposite of who they are now. Imagine, a world of shadows.