Feel the ‘Lovelution’

Titus Busbee, who helped create Lovelution, participates in a live painting event during the Lovelution.

Artist Titus Busbee wanted to give UNA art students a unique way to showcase their work outside of the classroom and feel more like artists than just art students.

With his brother Tyree’s help, he created Hip Heart: Lovelution to do just that. Lovelution is an art gallery mixed with a DJ party that happens at The End in downtown Florence the first Friday of every month. It gives UNA students and local artists an opportunity to showcase their work and meet other artists.

“That’s what I always wanted when I was an art student at UNA,” Busbee said.

Busbee graduated from UNA’s Department of Art in 2007.

Busbee was inspired to create the event because he felt that UNA art students needed an outlet besides school in which to let out their creativity.

“I was just looking at those students and wondering ‘what can I do to make them more into doing their art work?’ ” Busbee said.

Friday’s event included music DJ’d by Titus’ brother, also known as DJ #3, a drum circle and live painting. The End was filled with students and local artists dancing, talking, painting and drumming.

“We kinda set it up to where strangers can interact and maybe break down some of these social walls that we build up,” Busbee said.

Busbee said attendees are encouraged to meet new people, collaborate on ideas and even exchange phone numbers with strangers. The event also features an open microphone where anyone is welcome to come up and talk, sing, rap or whatever they want to do to express themselves.

The event has quickly become popular with the Florence community. Florence High School art students attended the December event, and many people have come after hearing about it on Facebook, according to Busbee.

The number of participating artists has also increased since the first event.

“The first time we had three artists, including myself, and now it’s up to 10,” Busbee said. “It’s really picking up.”

There were many people in attendance Friday night. Many people stood around talking while almost every seat was filled and still more people danced.

Friday’s event was the third Lovelution so far. The next Hip Heart: Lovelution will be held Friday, Feb. 3 at 8 p.m. For more information about the event, join the Lovelution group on Facebook.