How to improve your email style

Emailing is easy, right?

Not always, especially for students who are trying to have good email etiquette. UNA Career Development Coordinator Jennifer Smith provided answers to some common questions about email.

What should I include in the subject line?

“Give as much information as possible,” Smith said. “Use specific key subject words that let them know what they’re going to be opening.”

What if I don’t know what title to call the recipient of the email?

“Always err on the side of caution and use the highest possible title,” she said. “That way, you’ll just boost their ego if you’re wrong. Of course, UNA students can always use the directory on the website to find the correct title.”

Should I send a follow-up on time-sensitive emails?

“It’s always OK to follow up,” she said. “Give them about 24 hours before you do. The fewer words, the better.”

How long is too long before I respond?

“Typically, 24 hours is a good response time for emails,” she said. “Sometimes, it’s good to send a response that basically says ‘I’m working on getting the necessary information to respond to your email.’”