Student musicians to release original EP in early February

Noah Myers and Madeleine Frankford play music on the steps of Rogers Hall.

The sound of a guitar jangles to a slow, pulsing beat as two voices join in a harmony that fills the space of a little practice room with warmth that makes it easy to forget it’s January outside.

There are at least a couple of birds that didn’t fly south for the winter.

The bluebirds, comprised of Noah Myers and Madeleine Frankford, are this year’s Singing River Records artists, and they played their song titled “The Creek,” which will be featured on their yet-to-be-released EP.

Myers and Frankford reflected on their time spent recording the EP last fall.

“We’ve had really good times in Noiseblock,” Myers said. “We had a really good night, one time, putting a song together that we kind of had a feel for-our song ‘Everybody’-We got a drummer and a dobro player in there and-“

“-we just felt it out,” Frankford finished.

“Yeah, we just felt it out,” Myers said. “Everything came together and it ended up sounding real neat. That was a fun experience.”

For the bluebirds, a lot of the creative experience that lets them cultivate their sound comes from the heart, not the head-from feeling, not thinking.

“When I write, I try to kind of just try to feel it out more than thinking,

‘This is where the melody should go,’ or writing out the melody beforehand,” Myers said. “I just write some chords and some words and just feel where it should go. It’s like I put all the tools together, and it just kind of happens on its own.”

Sometimes the feeling is used to understand each other’s different approaches to music.

Whereas Myers cites Jeff Buckley’s free voice as an inspiration, Frankford draws inspiration from artists such as Ingrid Michaelson and Meiko.

Their differences in style only deepen the harmony.

“Our styles are very different, I think,” Frankford said. “Ingrid Michaelson and Meiko are two writers who, well, for one, their voices are raw and real. I really like that. Growing up, I sang in choirs, but I never felt that that was my voice. It was more of a weird sounding voice, so I can relate to them on that. Two, their lyrics are very simple and to the point. I feel like when I write, that’s what I go for.”

“Noah is the opposite,” she explained. “So, that’s good. We can kind of meet in the middle.”

Getting accustomed to each other’s styles was important in the hustle and bustle of last semester. Immediately after being signed last October, they were rushed to get songs together and begin recording. The recording was finished in December.

“I don’t think people realize in how short of a time span everything happened,” Frankford said. “When we started playing together, everything happened at once. So I don’t think people realize just how rushed it was.”

“And Madeleine and I weren’t-” Myers added.

“We weren’t tight. We weren’t buddies,” Frankford said.

“No, we weren’t. We weren’t,” Myers said. “I mean we didn’t not like each other, but I just didn’t know who she was. We started becoming friends the same time we were starting to play together, so we were figuring out our own styles.”

“Which is difficult when it comes to music,” Frankford said.

“It’s like ‘Here, semi-stranger. Here are all my feelings,’ ” Myers said with a laugh.

With the production of their four-song EP complete, Myers and Frankford will be focusing on their live shows this semester. Both prefer the stage over the studio.

“When we’re playing live-at least for me-I kind of have that rush when we play the first song,” Myers said. “In my head I’m thinking that I lose myself in the music-I don’t know if that’s too cheesy-“

“That’s so cheesy,” Frankford said, nearly pokerfaced, but laughing.

“-but, no. I just kind of get into it more,” Myers said.

“When we’re live, we’re just excited to be playing,” Frankford agreed. “We’re energized and nervous. And I like how, each time we play a song, it can be different.”

“I’m just really excited about this semester,” Myers said.

The bluebirds’ EP is scheduled to be released the second week of February. Until then, watch for live shows happening in downtown Florence and the Shoals Area.