Recycled Percussion concert rocks Norton

Three members of Recycled Percussion perform on their vast assortment of trashcans, paint buckets, ladders and cymbals.

by Devin Kennamer & Kayla Coley Student Writers

On Monday evening, sounds of percussion filled and rattled the walls of Norton Auditorium. Recycled Percussion, a four man group that was formed in 1995 in Goffstown, N.H., has been featured on “America’s Got Talent,” “The 2010 Latin Grammys,” and NBA and NFL halftime shows.

The group uses various non-traditional items as instruments. Trash cans, ladders, buckets, power tools, and the human body were just a few of the instruments that were played during the show on Monday.

The performance did not only feature booming music, but also implemented acrobatics, stunts and other tricks. Audience members were pulled from the crowd to participate in stunts that included tossing drumsticks and wearing animal masks.

“It was interesting … there was a lot of sexual innuendo,” said UNA senior Chance Graf. “It was erotic and tantric.”

The energy of the group peaked at the end of the performance when they called all audience members to the front of the stage and performed to a medley of music from past decades which included hits like “Billie Jean,” “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “I Kissed A Girl.”

Though attendance was low, students appeared to enjoy the performance. Ashley Moore, a UNA sophomore, said that she didn’t expect the performance to be so loud.

“I enjoyed the throwing of the sticks and when they used the ladders,” Moore said.

“(The performance) was really creative … it was a lot of talent,” said UNA senior Savannah Smith. “I wish more people would have come.”

The performance, funded by the student activity fee, was provided for free and sponsored by UPC.