Outdoor Adventure Center loans free hiking, camping equipment

The Outdoor Adventure Center offers an array of outdoor supplies from backpacks and hiking rods, to coolers and first aid kits. They also hold events throughout the year that anyone can join in on.

A new school year has begun and many students are searching to find their niche. Finding a place to gather with people who share similar interests can sometimes be difficult. However, if you consider yourself the outdoors type, a person who enjoys hiking, camping, canoeing or even spending time outside, the Outdoor Adventure Center is well worth looking into.

The OAC is an organization that offers an outlet for students who enjoy outdoor activities. It is a dwelling where students can meet and discuss excursions with people who are fans of the outdoors.

“It is a great organization led by diverse, easygoing people,” said sophomore Barry Minor. “We go on awesome outdoor adventures all around Alabama.”

The center is available not only for groups who regularly take part in activities that the center offers, but also for individuals who have planned an outing of their own. If ever planning an individual trip, the OAC offers equipment such as sleeping bags and pads, two and four-person tents, backpacks and hiking poles, headlamps and flashlights, first aid kits and cookware suitable for the outdoors. Students can check out all equipment for free with their Mane card.

“The Outdoor Adventure Center is a place where students can venture off campus and get to know a lot of really great people,” said Mack Cornwell, president of the OAC. “The organization takes students’ ideas into consideration when deciding what activities to do for the fall, and what trips to take in the future.”

This fall’s schedule consists of canoeing, camping, a canoe run at Shoals Creek and paintball. The members of the OAC also offer rappelling every week, weather permitting, and strongly encourage students to come.

The OAC gives students many opportunities that most people rarely get to experience. UNA junior Erin Skipper said, “I’ve only heard good things about the Outdoor Adventure Center. I am definitely planning on attending some of the outings this year.”

The organization welcomes all students interested in outdoor activities to participate in all upcoming events. It is located on Willingham Road, right behind the dormitories. Interested students meet at the center Thursday Sept. 22, for the first OAC club meeting.