Man cave of Florence: Buffalo Wild Wings review

JR Tidwell Sports Editor

The latest restaurant to hit the Florence area is Buffalo Wild Wings. The nearest restaurant of this chain used to be all the way in Huntsville, but now one is right down the road from UNA.

If you have never been to a BWW, you should go. The prices are pretty reasonable, even for college students, but I would not suggest going every day. The reason that this chain brings in people by the dozen is the great food and fun atmosphere.

This place has already been so popular that the restaurant is packed almost every night. We were very surprised when we got a table right after walking in, but this surprise was a good one.

The first thing I noticed after sitting down was the number of televisions in our area. There were three big flat screen televisions on a wall behind the bar area that I could watch. There was also a television directly above my shoulder and several more on the walls behind me and to my left.

I was able to watch the Minnesota Twins play the New York Yankees on one screen while watching the pregame of the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship on another. Anyone who likes trivia can be brought a buzzer and answer questions displayed on yet another television. All told there must have been close to 20 screens in that section of the restaurant alone.

Buffalo Wild Wings attracts people of all ages and genders, but it is definitely geared more for guys than girls. “This place is definitely a man cave,” said Ben Skipworth after sitting at our table. The servers were attentive and prompt in service, so the atmosphere and staff get my seal of approval.

Now let us get to the meat of the subject. People might dig the atmosphere of the restaurant, but the thing that brings in people is the food. The name of the place is no misnomer, as BWW serves some of the best wings known to man. The customer can get bone-in or boneless wings in a variety of sauces that are rated on a scale of how hot the sauce is.

I ordered six honey barbecue and six teriyaki wings. I actually received eight of each type (through no fault of our waitress, Ann Marie, I might add), and I was not complaining. When the food came out it was served in paper trays instead of on a plate. These trays prevent the food from sliding around and also separate the wings by the type of sauce so the customer knows what is what.

The pictures that can be seen of our trip were taken right after our food arrived, and let us just say that I was ready to dig in, so I had to wait to sample the goodness. Both of my sauce choices were great and the chicken itself was excellent. If you like honey barbecue sauce, get that flavor. I was not disappointed.

Alex Lindley Copy Editor

When I passed under the fluorescent neon signs and scores of flickering TVs all set to ESPN through the doors of Buffalo Wild Wings, the first words that came to my mind were ‘man cave.’

Sorry, ladies, but this place really does favor guys-but I’m sure you’ve already picked up on that from the commercials depicting men finding excuses to get away from their wives and coming to Buffalo Wild Wings to relax, watch the game, eat wings and drink beer.

Though, to be honest, the atmosphere wasn’t exactly like the commercials. It was definitely a man cave, but the crowd seemed to be mostly younger, unmarried guys, and some girls. A lot of them were UNA students. In fact, in the short time I was there I spotted SGA President Corey Hamilton and former SGA President Sam Thigpen. The place is a hotbed of UNA celebrities.

The atmosphere was just about perfect for any college-aged guy, but the food was even better. I decided I’d try some of the exotic flavors Buffalo Wild Wings has to offer: spicy garlic and mango habanero.

I never would’ve thought that these flavors would go with wings, but let me be the first to say that they were both delicious. The mango habanero was just on the border of too hot, but it didn’t sear my tongue so that I couldn’t taste it. As for the spicy garlic, don’t try it if you have anyone to answer to about your breath reeking, but do try it if you want to taste something mind-blowing.

The wings are fantastic and the atmosphere is cool. I couldn’t ask much else of a restaurant in a college town. They even have something for all you masochists out there: their hottest wing sauce, blazin’, which the waitress informed us that you have to sign a waiver to order.

Ben Skipworth Executive Editor

I must admit, when we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to review it, I was not a BWW noob. It was, in fact, my third time to eat there. I think I have a problem.

When Alex, JR and I went last Monday, I decided to try the wild wings and the Caribbean jerk wings. I happen to like the boneless wings a lot. I mean, if you can get more chicken, why not?

Our waitress, Ann Marie, told me that, had I decided to try the blazin’ wings, I would have had to sign a waiver (Ann Marie was cool and I promised her a shout-out; mission accomplished). I decided touting my manliness wasn’t enough to make my very irritable stomach decide to beat my insides up like they were trying to do their best Clubber Lang impersonation.

Wild was definitely my limit. I felt the heat during and five minutes after I had eaten them. I don’t mind things being scorching hot, but I want them to have great flavor. Fortunately, BWW has heat and flavor. The Caribbean jerk wings were very tasty. They were about half way up on the heat scale, so they offset the hotter wings nicely.

It was the night of the national championship game and, when the game started, the audio was blasting over the speakers. I really felt the game atmosphere building up. I can’t imagine being there for a game bigger than that.

Also, let me clear the air up a bit. Buffalo Wild Wings is the ultimate man cave in Florence. A waitress told me that there are 54 TVs, and each one of them has a sporting event on it. I remember thinking, “Did I just die? Am I in heaven?”

Don’t just assume this is a straight-up dudes hang out, though. Any girl in Florence would enjoy the food, atmosphere and good service. I can attest to that statement. My girlfriend Jessie and I went and she loved it. If I wasn’t a believer in our relationship after four years, I definitely was when she was completely ignoring me because she was watching the Celtics game. Kudos, Buffalo Wild Wings.