Alumnus makes name for himself in ATL

UNA alumnus Translee has started his own indie record label and is currently pursuing a rap career in Atlanta.

Joe Brown Staff Writer

The chances of making it as a superstar singer or rapper are slim to none, but if you are persistent and make the right connections, those chances increase. UNA alumnus Translee is an example of the results of persistence.

As a marketing student at UNA, Translee and fellow graduate Chris Hunter had big dreams and big plans. Translee is a rapper from Huntsville on the verge of stardom. Translee cultivated his rapping skills living in the dorms here at UNA. Translee and Hunter put in numerous hours of hard work to prepare them for where they are now.

Translee began recording in high school, but never put his music out for others to listen to.

“When were in high school we just rapped for us and no one else,” said Translee.

He has recently released a mixed tape entitled “KnowTranslee.” Translee has teamed up with “Collipark Music,” former producer of such artists as Soulja Boy, for guidance and success. Once Translee completed graduation, he moved to Atlanta, a Mecca for upcoming artists in many genres, especially for up-and-coming rappers. Translee got his opportunity interning with Collipark Music, learning the ins and outs of the music industry.

“Atlanta was the right place for us,” said Translee. “It was the right place to make connections, go to conferences and see how the business side of the music industry works.”

Atlanta provided the opportunities he was looking for. Translee and Hunter formed their own independent record label, “Digital Nativ3 Culture.”

“I’m not signed to a major deal yet, but I am signed to my own label,” Translee said.

The thing that makes Translee different from some rappers today is the fact that he has lived what some may call a regular life.

“I try to relate to my fans in a way most can’t,” said Translee. “Through my music I express some of the typical things that go on for the ordinary person-things like going to college to learn and get an education, as well as having to go out and find a job after graduation, and paying student loans.”

Translee’s music is smooth, with a different style. Lyrically, he comes with consistent metaphors and nicely constructed verses.

“Some of my inspiration came from certain artists like Andre 3000, of Outkast,” said Translee.

Moving to Atlanta and pursuing a musical career was a real challenge for Translee.

“If your heart’s not into it and you don’t put the time or work into it, this place, it will weed you out real quick,” said Translee.

Translee’s music is marketed towards a younger demographic, mostly college-aged students and a little older. He describes the business as sometimes being scandalous, but, ultimately, one has to stay true to him or herself to succeed.

Translee has employed some of the things he learned as a student of marketing, such as finding a niche and sticking with it. Also, being from Huntsville has really made him want to push for shows in this region next fall.

“I would love to do some shows in Florence in the upcoming year,” Translee said.

Translee is an example of someone who is following his heart and knows what it is he wants to do with his life. Launching an unforgettable slogan like “KnowTranslee,” to really try and put himself out there and launching his own website,, are just a few of the ways that Translee has marketed himself.