Restaurant review: Country Boys

Jenn Lyles Life Editor

Being a northern girl from a large city in Canada, I sure didn’t fit in so well right after moving here. Thankfully it took me seven years to find “Country Boys,” where I found myself right at home in a corner booth listening to KIX 96, with the smell of vegetables and fish frying. I’m proud to say the South has finally rubbed off on me, and I now consider macaroni and cheese a vegetable.

For less than 10 bucks, I ordered a delicious helping of roast beef with three sides and a roll. They saved everyone at the table the hassle of ordering extra ranch for our salads, and brought out the entire squeeze bottle.

After a short wait, the food arrived and I was able to taste all of my food, and a bit of everyone else’s. Perhaps it’s because I work at Cracker Barrel, but the fried apples and roast beef both tasted as if they ordered it from there, got it “to go” and then served it to me at Country Boys.

Just as I was wondering about this I tasted Erica’s hash brown casserole and decided it wasn’t the case, because mush and soggy are the only two words to describe that side helping. Thankfully everything I ordered was just as good as country cooking at any other restaurant. Unfortunately, the strawberry cobbler was not. I was too busy looking for the missing ice cream on my dessert to fully enjoy it.

In all, the small-town joint was pretty much what I expected: average food at an average price, with great service. They do have several Times Daily food awards hanging on their wall, but I didn’t see anything after 2003 … so that’s questionable. Perhaps I shouldn’t have waited so long to try this place out.

I give it three out of five stars. One for the ranch, one for the service and one for the country music.

Erica Finn Staff Writer

By now, if I have any loyal readers then you have caught on to my dropped hints of being somewhat country. I have hit the jackpot on all country restaurants; I mean, I don’t even think Cracker Barrel can stand next to Country Boys. As I walk to my booth I am escorted by Jason Aldean, who happens to be singing “Big Green Tractor.” If this wasn’t playing on the radio, I am positive my review would end here. Unfortunately, my booth was not tied to a long table of country boys that I could choose to spend forever with, but at least there was food to come-a quick fix to a long-term problem. 

I love the fact that breakfast is served ALL day here; I honestly think that’s how it should be everywhere. I ordered the Country Boy Sampler, which included: two eggs with gravy and grits, biscuits, fried apples or hash brown casserole or hash brown patty, and a sample of country ham, sausage and bacon.

A few colleagues who ordered at my table had a side salad first, which my fork dove into. I mean, they placed a squirt bottle of ranch on the table; it was a dream come true and I couldn’t let it go to waste. That might be what my problem is these days, but this cannot be confirmed.

After a short but entertaining wait, thanks to every song that was played on KIX 96, I received my order. I immediately dove into the grits, which were fantastic, with some added Sweet-N-Low. I was not a fan of the hash brown casserole; it looked like mashed potatoes with cheese on them and tasted mighty bland.

The spicy sausage was on point-definitely didn’t want to stop eating it. I always, always, always get my eggs fried hard and if I am getting crazy that day, maybe sunny side up to dip my biscuit into, but that’s on occasions; but their fried eggs were perfect and exactly what I wanted.

I don’t know if they didn’t have city ham, but I should have got it if they did. Their country ham is extra salty, and it had me drinking like a fish.

Overall, it was an AMAZING breakfast that would be good, morning, noon and night. The service was awesome; I never saw the bottom of my drink and never heard a sigh in the waitress’ voice when I needed one more thing for my dinner. I’d also like to note that they offer a BUFFET on Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays with all-you-can-eat chicken tenders!