Restaurant Review: Breakfast at Subway

Erica Finn Staff Writer

I have never been a big fan of eating Subway. I use it as a last resort/only-option type of thing, but hearing that they have breakfast spiked my interest.

They offer a lower calorie and fat breakfast food compared to competitors like McDonalds and Burger King. Obviously, Subway has no competition when it comes to eating healthy. As I see it, breakfast, the most important meal of the day, should be the best tasting and most filling meal.

I ordered the Double Bacon and Egg McMuffin “on the line” and of course, is all premade and then heated up. If this isn’t your first sign that it’s about taste like cardboard, then let me introduce you to Waffle House. My first bite consisted of a ball of healthy things, almost forbidden in my mouth.

The wheat muffin really made the sandwich, portion wise, because it’s the only thing I tasted in my mouth. I wish the bacon were only crispier, to the point that, when picking up a piece, the sides would stay in place and almost chip off. But I admit I came into Subway to try and eat healthy, and with this sandwich I felt as though I should walk out holding my pants next to me as Jared did within months.

A point that was interesting to me is when they finished adding my bacon, egg and cheese to the muffin they proceeded “down the line” to ask what else I wanted. What else? This is just me, but if I wanted to make up a gourmet omelet into a sandwich I would take some bread to the nearest Shoney’s.

This is very hypocritical of Subway to even open this side of the line at breakfast. By breakfast, I mean they stop serving at 11 a.m. Forget trying to swallow cardboard-waking up before 10 a.m. was my biggest challenge. I just can’t imagine someone waking up daily and first thinking about Subway.

Unless Jared just inspired you to dedicate your life like he did, he only did this because of his convenient living headquarters right above a Subway. Lets face it, unless you’re Quiznos, no one in the Shoals has this luxury.

I rate this all-starless breakfast a three out of five stars … here’s to being skinny in 2011!