UNA hosts free Electroacoustic Jukejoint concerts

Josh Skaggs

The UNA Department of Entertainment Industry is set to host a two day event showcasing electro-acoustic music. The event will take place in the GUC Performance Center on Friday, Nov. 12 and Saturday, Nov. 13.

The Electro-Acoustic Juke Joint is a festival for students, community members, and musicians to come and listen to electro-acoustic music and learn what is soon to be mainstream in the world of electro-acoustic music.

The EAJJ is free and all parts of the festival are open to the public.

Electro-acoustic music is a mix between classical music with a modern mix of electronic media.

 We’re all modern classical composers looking to extend our voices with electronics and sometimes video as well,” Dr. Mark Snyder, assistant professor of entertainment industry said.

Snyder is set to be one of the performers at the conference which will be hosted at UNA for the first time this year.

“It’s a really broad genre that can include something small and intimate like a two-channel drone to something as involved as a chamber orchestra being diffused into 90 discrete channels with interactive electronics and film,” Snyder added.

Snyder said the EAJJ will contain tape pieces that are accompanied by musicians with fixed media and video.

“What students get if they come is experimental music and art that they can only see in a larger metropolitan area, right here at UNA,” Snyder said.

“The EAJJ will encompass tape pieces that use four discrete playback channels plus sub and an ensemble as large as five with fixed media and video with the rest of the compositions falling somewhere in between the two,” Snyder added.

Snyder, also the festival director said that there will be performers from places as far as Buffalo, N.Y., Kansas City, Miss. and Madison, Wis.

Performers include artists such as Sonict, Quadrivium and Mark Snyder.

For a schedule of events or for more information regarding the event visit www.EAJJ.org or contact Dr. Mark Snyder at [email protected]