UNA freshman making great connections


Photo courtesy of Eleanor Simmons

Meet Eleanor Simmons, a freshman at the University of North Alabama. Simmons is a Criminal Justice major, but plans on changing her major to art soon.

Zane Turner, [email protected]

Turner: What is your name?

Simmons: Eleanor Simmons.

Turner: How old are you?

Simmons: I am 19 years old.

Turner: What is your major?

Simmons: My major is Criminal Justice.

Turner: What year are you?

Simmons: I am a Freshman at The University of North Alabama.

Turner: What is your favorite thing about UNA?

Simmons: My favorite thing about UNA is the classes.

Turner: How has COVID affected college for you?

Simmons: Most of my classes are online so it has made finding friends harder.

Turner: How are your online classes?

Simmons: It has definitely been different, but my professors have made it easy to adapt by explaining what [students] need to do and how we can achieve that. For example, when one of  my teachers taught us how to use Canvas. 

Turner: What are some goals you have this year? 

Simmons: My goals for the year are to make good grades and to find new friends.

Turner: What is something that means the world to you?

Simmons: My family and my friends mean the world to me.

Turner: How’s dorm life?

Simmons: It’s pretty fun. The fact that I’m able to make friends with people from other states that live in a room away has made it an unique experience. 

Turner: How would you describe your overall experience?

Simmons: My overall experience has been great and a lot of fun.

Turner: What are you mostly looking forward to in your UNA experience?

Simmons: I really looking forward to finding a career path that suits me. 

Turner: What do you think is a career path that best suits you?

Simmons: I’m planning on changing to change my major so that I am an art major because I feel like that is my [true] passion.