Student credits her sorority for helping her find friends

Zane Turner, Staff Writer

Turner: What is your name?

Carson: Anna Carson Bryan.

Turner: How old are you?

Bryan: I’m 18 years old.

Turner: What is your major and why did you choose it?

Bryan: My major is currently undecided. I’m bouncing back and forth between either collaborative education or Mass Communication, I would like to be a Speech Language pathologist. I chose my major because I have a strong passion for kids and working with them. Speech and communication are a huge part of our daily lives and come naturally to many of us. I want to be able to help those who it may not come as natural for be able to live their lives with the best quality there is.

Turner: What is your favorite thing about the University of North Alabama?

Bryan: So far my favorite thing has been Greek life at UNA! I’m part of Alpha Gamma Delta and it’s truly helped my find dependable friends to support me through the college transition.

Turner: Has COVID-19 affected you?

Bryan: COVID has definitely affected college just by making this year seem a little bit more scary, Freshman year is an overwhelming and exciting time for everyone but COVID and risk of getting it adds a lot of stress onto students.

Turner: What are your goals for the year?

Bryan: My goals for this year are to finish the semester in an academic standing I’ll be proud to look back on.

Turner: What is something that means the world to you?

Bryan: Something that means the world to me is my support system in life, there that old saying “say it takes a village” and my family and friends have definitely been that for me this past year.

Turner: What are your future goals?

Bryan: My future goals are to hopefully own or at least work for a pediatric speech clinic and be able to provide affordable health care.  In 10 years, I will have finished my masters degree and be pursuing this dream career, I’m not quite sure where I will settle down but I know it will probably be a smaller town. Florence is where I grew up and was raised so it will always be home to me.

Turner: Why did you choose UNA?

Bryan: UNA offered many really great scholarships for me, but it also provided a home away from home. I’m local to the area but chose to live on campus this year to gain the full college experience. The atmosphere was exciting without being overwhelming.

Turner: What is your favorite class this semester?

Bryan: So far my favorite class has been my First Year Experience (FYE) with Tammy Rhodes because I love her personality.