Students aspires to make a change in the world


Photo courtesy of Ernest Elphage

Ernest Elphage Jr. is a sophomore at the University of North Alabama. Elphage said that UNA is the start to his future. His hopes are to become a successful Resident Advisor, a successful club president and a successful UNA student.

Jonathan Hatchett, Volunteer Writer

Hatchett: What is your name?

Elphage: My name is Ernest Elphage Jr.

Hatchett: What is your major?

Elphage: My major is Political Science.

Hatchett: What is your classification?

Elphage: I classify as a sophomore or a second year.

Hatchett: Where are you from?

Elphage: I am a military child so while I hope to make UNA my home from home, I was born in New Orleans, La.

Hatchett: What job do you hope to get in the future?

Elphage: I wish to go into politics and be successful. I want to climb my way up the ladder and do my best to become President of the United States.

Hatchett: What jobs do you work?

Elphage: I am current a S.N.A.P. team member as well as a resident advisor. During the breaks I will be a Domino’s employee.

Hatchett: What are your hobbies?

Elphage: While no longer in the band, I am still a band-head and old habits are hard to move past. I listen to music while thinking about playing my trombone again, but I have also become a workout junkie. I play chess almost every weekday with my residents and who knows, we may make a short film by the end of my four years. Other than those few things, I cannot think of a hobby unless you count being addicted to homework or the new mobile game “Among Us.”

Hatchett: What is something unique about you?

Elphage: I believe that I am unique due to being a military child. While the bring up was rough and I did not get to make strong friendships from my childhood, I feel as though that is the reason I have so much spirit to build a community. I want UNA to be my first home and I want the community to be the best as I can make it. That is why I became a resident advisor and why I aspire to become the President of the United States.

Hatchett: What are some of your aspirations?

Elphage: I aspire to make a change in the world. I am not looking at the world as a world on fire, I just view the world as an Orchestra. There is beauty in every instrument with all the sounds they can make as an individual. However, sounds are just that, sounds. The director/Maestro shapes those sounds into music. The music is what changes and is what moves the audience to tears or to a life-changing mindset. Music can bring back memories of happiness and they can be that happiness. I want to become the President so I can be the Maestro of the world and bring the world to a place where music will thrive between us all.

Hatchett: What is the ultimate goal in your life?

Elphage: My ultimate goal is to make life fun. There is so much sadness and pain in the world. I cannot help everyone and that is a hard pill to swallow. However, changing one life will lead that individual to change someone else’s life. So, while I cannot help everyone, I can create an army to help me. I want people to find the brightness in life. Too many people have closed their eyes and have refused to let the brightness lead them to success. They are fighting their demons alone and need help from anyone they can bare the weight. Enjoyment is out there and so is sadness. The only difference is, one is more enjoyable, and we all get to pick the path in front of us.