A letter from the Flor-Ala to our readers

Lavette Williams and Ellen McDonald

As we begin the New Year and the spring semester, we would like to continue to use our platform to inform our readers of local happenings, but also to enlighten them on the world around them.  

With everything that has happened within the first few days in 2021, we believe that it is our obligation as journalists, as reporters, as truth-seekers to cover such pivotal events in U.S. history, to report on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the presidential election and the status quo of the country. 

Even in retrospect of recent events – although we are left with a bitter taste in our mouth after the riots and breach that occurred at the U.S. Capitol – it is times like this that journalism matters the most.

If it had not been for the photographers and reporters on duty during the attack on the capitol, some of the people who participated in the breach would not have been recognized and arrested.

We here at The Flor-Ala value your readership, and want to continue being a resource and a voice for UNA students.  


In light of recent events at our nation’s capital, we as journalists and photographers are more than ever vital to the story telling of history. News rooms everywhere are responsible for the documentation of history. 

Right now, history is happening before our eyes. This is not the time to place our political affiliations and morals above all else; it is imperative that we look past it and tell the truth of what is happening. 

We at The Flor-Ala Newspaper are dedicated to ensuring our readers witness history. We do not base our stories on fiction, for that would diminish the events that will be told for centuries to come. 

While the history books will choose to tell what happened on January 6, 2021 in their own ways, we as journalists and photographers are at the forefront of telling what happened with no sense of speculation or cover. 

Everyone at The Flor-Ala could not report on campus events or national occurrences if it were not for your support.