Get to know TheFlor-Ala’s new A&E Editor


Laura Leigh Vought, Arts & Entertainment Editor

 My name is Laura Leigh Vought and I would like to take some time to introduce myself as the newest addition to the Flor-Ala team. 

I found myself in the position of editor over the Arts and Entertainment section in the knick of time to participate in the first edition of the year. 

After finishing a summer communications course, I completed a final check of my email before enjoying the last weeks of my off-the-grid summer. Luckily, I noticed an intriguing email from the Flor-Ala’s Editor-in-Chief, Lavette Williams, with a request to meet and discuss an opportunity with the paper. 

Previously, I had not imagined that I would be spending my senior year writing for a newspaper. However, after talking with members of the news team and thoughtful prayer, I realized that it is the only way I want to spend my year. 

The typical school day for me usually involves a combination of homework and spending time with friends. My relationship with writing usually begins and ends with Canvas- and is certainly never shared with outside eyes.

It is both an exciting and terrifying opportunity to share my work with the public; I know I couldn’t have mustered the courage if not for my fiancé’s emotional support. While slightly terrifying, it has been a secret dream of mine to publish my writing.

I never imagined I would begin seeing that dream come true in the middle of planning a wedding and attempting to graduate college. 

Although my life may have never been as chaotic as it is right now, I feel more energized to leave an impact at the university home that I accredit to molding the woman I am today.

My dream for the paper is to incorporate the voices and perspectives of as many individuals as possible. After all, the University of North Alabama is the home to a melting pot of bubbling personalities and unique energy. 

Throughout my college experience, I can proudly say that I have dipped my toes in a variety of clubs and social circles. This has given me a unique perspective into the wide spectrum of personalities that create the campus community.

As readers of the paper stroll through their lives, I want to provide them a safe place to indulge in their artistic interests while also instilling the community pride that is essential to keeping UNA alive for years to come.

Readers can expect to see reviews of the latest trending albums, personal interest stories of local artists and performers, updates on local music events, investigative stories and so much more. Above all else, I want readers to feel celebrated and accepted for their individual attributes and identities.