Mane Month brings campus back to life

Students volunteer Aug. 16 to help incoming freshman move into their dormitory. Move-in day is the first event of Mane Month.

As freshman feet scurry across campus, they are sure to find a flurry of activities to welcome them to their new home.

Mane month is a month of events hosted by various groups, organizations and departments across campus for the first five weeks of the fall semester, according to the student engagement center website.

The goal of Mane Month is to identify and promote multiple organizations on campus to help students find resources and a place they belong on campus from the beginning of their college career.

“Mane Month is important for new students to get connected on campus,” said Director of Student Engagement Tyler Thompson. “The first month of the first year at college is the critical time to connect and establish healthy relationships and habits for success at college. We want to support every opportunity to do this.”

This year, Mane month began Aug. 16 with sorority recruitment and move-in day and ends Sept. 18 with Convocation.

Thompson said there are about 30 different groups or departments that sponsor events during Mane Month, but he said there are over 100 groups involved in Mane Month through events such as move-in day and The Big Deal.

Thompson said The Office of Student Engagement begins planning Mane Month in March.

He said UNA had a welcome week for 13 years to welcome students back to campus, but welcome week became welcome month in 2016.

Some of the biggest events of Mane Month this year are Playfair, Sorority Bid Day, Lions Lend a Hand, The Lucky Dip Festival, The Big Deal and Mike Super Illusionist Show.