Sandvig runs unopposed for presidency

Emma Tanner, Managing Editor

For the 2023-24 school year, current SGA president Amber Sandvig is running unopposed. Her vice president will be Rebekah Callahan. 

Sandvig is the first woman to serve two terms as SGA president. Under her administration, SGA organized two International Bus trips to Huntsville, giving international students a chance to explore the local area and shop for groceries that they may need that are not provided in the Florence area. 

The organization also provided Finals Goody Bags in the library, containing snacks and study materials for students. SGA introduced “Pride Points,” which aims to reward good academic performance.

Additionally, the SGA revisited and revised roughly 28 pages of their code of laws.

SGA held events such as a Past SGA Officers Breakfast and the “Tailgate Meet the Senator event.” They are also in charge of annual events, including The Lucky Dip and homecoming elections.

“As the first female president to ever serve two terms in the Student Government Association at the University of North Alabama, I am humbled by the trailblazers who came before me and paved the way for women in leadership roles. Such as Marie Shanks, the first recorded female President of the Student Government Association, Katrina Brown, the first female African American SGA President, and Michelle Eubanks, who went on to serve the university as the director of university media and public relations. These women broke barriers and paved the way for women like myself to have the opportunity to lead and make a positive impact on our university community,” said Sandvig in a statement to the Flor-Ala.

I am humbled and honored to have been elected to this position, but I understand that this achievement is not just about me, but about the progress and growth of the SGA as a whole. I approach this role with a deep sense of humility and a commitment to serving the students of the University of North Alabama to the best of my ability.

I recognize that I have a responsibility to use my platform to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, and to ensure that all voices are heard and represented in the decision-making process. I will work to address the concerns of all students and to bring about positive change on our campus.

I am grateful for the trust and support of my peers and I will work tirelessly to live up to their expectations. I will be accessible and approachable, and I encourage all students to reach out to me with their ideas and feedback. I am committed to being a responsible and accountable leader and to making a positive impact on our university community.”

Rebekah Callahan, Sandvig’s running mate, is a sophomore and currently serves as Freshman Forum advisor. She is majoring in Political Science and English with a concentration in Professional Writing.

“I am honored and excited to run alongside President Amber Sandvig as Vice President for the Student Government Association. I speak for Amber and myself when I say that these two positions are not ones we take lightly, and we consider it a privilege to represent our student body and University at such a high level,” said Callahan in a statement to the Flor-Ala.

“This academic year, I have had the honor of representing the College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering as an SGA Senator as well as serving as Freshman Forum Advisor. Those two roles have equipped me with skills I believe will be extremely valuable in my transition to the role of Vice President. 

My love for the University of North Alabama fuels my passion for Student Government and involvement on campus, and I look forward to all that Amber and I will accomplish in this next term with our combination of leadership experience and genuine appreciation for everything that makes UNA the special campus it is. Roar Lions!”