Meet the 2023 SGA senate candidates

Emma Tanner, Managing Editor

On Feb. 20, campaigning for SGA began. Elections will take place Mar. 15-17. 

Jacoby Bateman

Bateman is a sophomore from Arab, Ala. He is a political science major and a member of the ASL Club. 

Bateman chose UNA for its political science program and the rich history of campus. 

As a senator, Bateman would like to push for more expansion for Disability Support Services. He also would like for there to be more minors offered campus-wide. He encourages students to contact him if they have any questions.

“Ain’t nobody like Jacoby #roarlions,” said Bateman in an address to the students of UNA. 

Doreen Boateng

Boateng is studying to obtain a Master of Science in the Criminal Justice Graduate Program. She is from Ghana. She obtained a Bachelor of Art in Geography and Sociology from the University of Cape Coast. 

Boateng chose UNA because of the friendly atmosphere of Alabama, as well as UNA’s experienced staff and dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion. She hopes that these traits of UNA will help her connect and relate to all types of students and further her education. 

She is a member of the Mock Trial team. 

As a senator, Boateng hopes to serve as an advocate and bring forth improvement on campus. She looks forward to communicating with other senators.

“I humbly request students’ support and votes in the upcoming election which is scheduled to take effect March 15, 2023,” said Boateng in an address to the students of UNA. 

Marissa Castellano

Castellano is a senior from Benton, La., but she moved to Athens, Ala. as a high schooler. She is majoring in professional biology.

Castellano originally chose UNA because she was accepted into the Marching Pride, but as she has become involved in campus, she has grown to love more about it. 

She has been involved with many on-campus groups including CASE Ambassadors, Alternative Breaks and the Alpha Delta Pi sorority. She enjoys collaborating with students of all majors and classifications.

As a senator, Castellano would like to make improvements to the College of Arts, Sciences and Engineering. The biggest focus for her is the Mitchell-Buford Science and Technology Building, as their convenience store closed down indefinitely due to COVID-19. 

“I am so excited to be running for Senator of the College of Arts, Science, and Engineering and hope the students within my college will allow me to be their voice,” said Castellano in an address to the student body. 

Anjalee Crawford

Crawford is a freshman from Madison, Ala. She is majoring in entertainment industry.

Crawford chose UNA due to its proximity to Muscle Shoals, as she sees that as a good opportunity to get into the music business.

She is a member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority.

As a senator, Crawford wants to help educate students on Title IX. She hopes to show students the resources that are available on campus.

“I highly encourage everyone to go out and vote for your senators,” said Crawford in an address to the students of UNA. “SGA makes a ton of decisions for the school and the students, so you want to make sure you have the people you want to represent you. So please make sure you go and vote!”

Kennedy Deamues

Deamues is a junior from Nashville, Tenn. She is majoring in sport and recreation management.

Deamues chose UNA because of its community and connection. She loves the atmosphere and the love she receives from her peers.

She is a member of Freshman Forum, the NAACP and the Delta Sigma Theta sorority. 

She wishes to join the senate to represent her fellow sport and recreation management majors and wants to invest in a possible study area for them. As a senator, Deamues plans to be the voice for minority students. She wants to have more minority-centric events.

Michael Gilliand

Gilliand is a freshman from Elkmont, Ala. He is majoring in secondary education and general social science. 

UNA was high on Gilliand’s college choices for several years. He eventually chose UNA for its education and history programs. Cost and proximity to home were also factors in why he chose the university.

He is a member of Freshman Forum in the student welfare committee. He is also a part of the History Club and is a Cole Honors College mentor. He sees himself as a very service oriented person and hopes he can help the student body. 

As a senator, he wants to find a way to control the organized flooding that happens when it rains. He has also noticed that the steps become hazardous when it rains. 

Madalyn Martin

Martin is a freshman from Haleyville, Ala. She is majoring in interdisciplinary studies. 

She chose UNA because of its good reputation and how it felt like home to her. 

Martin is a member of the Marching Pride, Freshman Forum, Cole Honors College and the Baptist Campus Ministries. Through her position, she hopes to connect faculty and students.  

As a senator, she wants to find ways to connect professors and other staff to students. She plans to help students feel more comfortable voicing their concerns or sharing positive comments with their instructors.

Arianna Matthew

Matthew is a sophomore studying sociology with a concentration in organizational leadership. She is a military child and therefore has moved around a lot, but she considers Prattville, Ala. home.

Matthew chose UNA due to its small but diverse campus. She is in the Black Lioness Alliance.

She is running for senate because she wishes to become more involved on campus and become a positive impact on residential life. As a senator, she wants to improve dorm life and upgrade living facilities.

Kody Purinton

Purinton is a senior from Huntsville, Ala. He is majoring in nursing.

He chose UNA because of its nursing program. Purinton is currently a SGA senator, but he is also involved in Reserve Officers’ Training Corps and the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. 

He is running for senate because of the opportunities it has already provided him and he strives to be a good campus leader. As a senator, Purinton wants to focus on the mental health of nursing students.

Madison Reese

Reese is a senior from Columbia, Tenn. She is majoring in English professional writing.

She originally chose UNA because of the small size of the community. She did not want to attend a college where she was “just a number” to professors. 

She is the chair of SGA’s budget oversight committee. Aside from that, she is president of Rec and Trek.

If she is reelected to senate, she plans on continuing her work in the budget oversight committee to improve the allocation request process.

Ivie Scott

Scott is a sophomore from Tuscumbia, Ala. She is majoring in professional marketing.

Scott is involved in Cole Honors College as a mentor, Freshman Forum, Freshman Core Team and the Phi Mu sorority.

Scott is running for senate because she has enjoyed representing students through Freshman Forum. The position has allowed her to “meet new people and gain different perspectives.”

As a senator, Scott plans to advocate for all students and bring more resources to students with disabilities. She also wants to strengthen the connection between the student body and SGA and ensure that the voice of the Sanders College of Business is heard.

Ella Stephenson

Stephenson is a freshman from Bremen, Ala. She is majoring in mass communications with a concentration in public relations.

She chose UNA because of the campus and academics. She also notes that it feels like home. She is involved in Cole Honors College, LionPR, BCM and Project Earth.

She is running for senate to make a positive change for students. 

As a senator, she wants to promote and legislate a bill for fresh food on campus.

Nicholas Wilder

Wilder is a freshman from Columbia, Tenn. He is majoring in biology.

He chose UNA because of the campus and the opportunities it provides for his intended career path, as well as the distance from his home.

He is involved in Freshman Forum and Cole Honors College.

He wants to run for senate because of his desire to help people. Through Freshman Forum, he has met many students and wants to give back.

As a senator, he plans to listen to the student body’s opinions and take them into account. He would also like to provide school-wide service opportunities for students on campus.